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Monday, August 3, 2009

I was interviewed by Eskimo Bob over the weekend. Please follow the link to his blog and go to Episode 5, on the right-hand side of his screen. It's an hour-long podcast, and if you're short of time, I'll let you know the interview is about 14 minutes in.

I had a blast doing it. Thank you, Bob!


darsden said...

It was great Pearl, both you and EB were great..He was funny putting you on the spot like that..then he went and ran with it..Enjoyed it :-)

♥ Braja said...

Well, damn, girl....a little curtsy to you...and how many times can you say you've been curtsied from Bangkok airport? And not by a drag queen. Or a prostitute. Cos I'm neither. Yet.

On my way to Oz....xoxoxo

Pearl said...

Dar, I know! I'm gonna get him...

Braja, I have never been curtsied to from ANY airport, let alone one in Thailand.
Keep us posted on the tranny-prostitute thing. Sounds like a great blog in the making!

kimber p said...

Love your voice, Pearl :) I'll be one of the first in line for your book(s)--has Jordan written back to you yet? He got a couple cards and letters from the blog community and he is LOVING it!! :)

SparkleFarkle said...

I'm listening to the interview as I we keyboard-speak! How wonderful is that?!?! Great Eskimo Bob-talk-- CONGRATULATIONS! You're my this month's Brush With Fame, alrighty! (P.S. You're mentioned in my today's blog: "A Friend Is a Friend"! I'm sure that ads to the fame factor! LOL!) Happy Spotlight!

SparkleFarkle said...

I just came from reading the kind words you left on my TODAY'S BLOG, and hmm... Something tells me the virtual Pony Express did NOT clip-clop through yesterday. Here's a copy and paste of the email I sent your way on Sunday:

Dear Pearl,

THANK YOU for your kind words and compliments! Just now, while tooling the blogspot "neighborhood" on my Wayback Machine (I’m a smitch behind, bloppingwise.), I came across the thoughtful sentiments you left in the "comments" box of my blog titled: "Well. This Surely Bites."! I was so very, VERY delighted to know that I, "Dorothy, the meek and small..." WAIT A MINUTE! My mistake. I’m definitely Sparkle Farkle. I’ve been gearing up for a Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary (August 27, 2009) party Lindsey and Twyla at Two Crazy Crafters will be throwing on the 22nd of this month (The more, the merrier! Please accept this invite to join in all the fun, if yellow bricks and high winds are your sort of thang. Just click the Oz Gala button on my sidebar for more information and to get on The List. I hope you can make it; it should be, as those irrepressible Munchkins would helium-eek, "Over the Rainbow"!) and I guess my preoccupation with it took the reigns!

AS I WAS SAYING, I was so delighted to know that lil’ ol’ me was one of the focuses of one of your conversations with Eskimo Bob! And, in a GOOD light, as well! LOL! I’m considering showing my "report card" to my I-Like-Your-Sister-Best-And-Don’t-You-Ever-Forget-It mother. LOLouder! (SparkleFarkle: BITE THIS, MAMA! lol!)

BTW, EB interviewed you? For his radio program?! When will it be on?!?! (I, minutes ago, just listened to his historic fourth month anniversary episode --GRAND!-- and have a reminder set for tonight’s show. Can’t wait!) You and Bob are two of my favorites and it is an honor to have THE bloggers I aspire to, singing MY praises! Thanks, again, the both of you!

Sincerely, your friend, SF~~~~~*

Mucho appreciation, again-- SparkleFarkle~~~~~*

The Retired One said...

Shame on Eskimo Bob for putting you on the spot for some impromptu poetry...that little devil!
You did great!
I am sure "The Retired One" was right there on the tip of your tongue to shout out to...

Pearl said...

Oh, Joan! It's so hard, when someone says, "who would you like to say hi to?"!

Next time, not only will I have an "impromptu" performance piece ready but I will also have a list in front of me of all the people I want to remember on air!

Joanna Jenkins said...

:-( I can't get it to load. I'll try again later.
But I'm sure your were fabulous!

mapstew said...

I hate being put on the spot! I was in my local last night and a group of (rather drunk) people were having a sing-song. "Ah here's Map the singer, he'll give us a song". Complete blank!

Great interview, great voice!


Pearl said...

Joanna, I'm sorry you tried and couldn't get through!

Map, I tell you, it's not going to happen again! I'm going to start keeping poetry in my pants for just such occasions.

Tamsin said...

You always seem like an impish little pixie to my mind, so I was surprised to discover that you sound just like a real grown up! An impish one :)

R. Jacob said...

couldn't find the podcast
so did want to hear your voice