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Friday, November 7, 2008

Because Someone Has To

I love a hot bubble bath.

It doesn’t have to be Cucumber Mandarin Monkey Lips from Bath and Bodyworks. The bubbles can be from a squirt of dish detergent and an egg beater. I don’t care. My love for the hot bubble bath is not about the bubbles.

Forget about the bubbles. The bubbles are periphery.

It’s not even the bath. It’s not the bathroom or the tub or the towels or even, so help me, the hot water.

It is the combination of those things. The holy braid of hot water, bubbles, and a clean tub. It requires nothing of me but my presence. It’s not hard work, taking a bath; and I can do it like nobody’s business.

But mention “bath” to some people and they look at you as if you’ve suggested that they sit in a tepid tub of chicken broth.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the shower. It has its place. When you’ve got dirty feet, dirt on your knees from gardening, when you’ve been sweating all day, when you’ve been at a particularly smoky bonfire, when you actually stink, then a shower is your best friend.

When I stink, I shower. Trust me. I enjoy a good stink now and then – I mean, who doesn’t? But my lifestyle just doesn’t put me in the direct line of sight of a good funky stink very often.

But this isn’t about the shower, dagnab it! Forget the shower!

The bath. It’s about the bath. No one worries in a bathtub. No one gets bad news in a tub. Turn off the phone! Bring a book! Sit in the hot water, legs stretched out in front of you, a cat balanced on the edge of the tub, suspiciously eyeing your toes through the bubbles…

You don’t have a cat? Might I recommend Midge’s Home for Wayward Kittehs?

Scratch that. The cat is not the point.

The cat is periphery.

It’s the bubble bath. I just felt the need to defend it.


derfina said...

HA! I used to put Dawn and blue food coloring in the tub and put my kids in with an old fashioned hand cranked egg beater!

Personally, I HAVE to have either Calgon or Vaseline intensive care bath beads to make the water SLICK so my boobies slide against each other. *shiver*

skywaykate said...

I've never cared for baths, but I always want to like them. I think it's because I don't have a big soaking tub--you can't fill it up enough before it starts draining down the secondary drain, and you can't get your whole body under the water. A soaking tub is something I've promised myself--and with a husband at 6' 4", I'm sure he'd enjoy it too--when we finally own a home.

Pearl said...

Derfina, that's fabulous. :-) Blue food coloring. Why didn't I think of that?

Now picturing your slick oily chest. I -- I don't know what to say, but I'm smiling.

Hey, Kate!
I hear ya, and that's usually the biggest problem with the bathtub. If it's not deep and lovely, it's not much fun!


Lilly's Life said...

You know Pearl when I lived in Scotland there was only a bath and no shower. I got so sick of baths. Cand you believe it? I always have a bath ritual though. There has to be oils and bubbles always. Now of course I have access to showers I love to have a bath. How fickle life is. Mmm I am not sure about the blue food colouring mind you - don't think blue is my colour...

Not The Rockefellers said...

The tub is what makes the bath enjoyable. Big old iron clawfoot of my youth that you could fit six babies and a dog into, take me away!

I have crappy tubs in my home. The tub is an afterthought. They really aren't high enough or deep enough to really enjoy a good soak.

Peace - Rene

Dee said...

periphery?? Dont know that word, but it was pretty<3 hihi!

Bublebaths are only fun if u use so much soap that the bubbles almost goes over the edge, and if you have candles around:).. And a yellow duck like they always have in ads or on TV:)
However, the problem is that when I get bored of the bubbles I always fall asleep...Which I assume is kind of dangerous considering you are lying in water:P lol!

Adrian said...

I do love my baths, especially in the winter. Sometimes I get so chilled only a hot bath can defrost me! For me it's not as much about the hot water or the bubbles, it's the beauty of an uniterrupted hour (or two!) to sit and read a book without a TV on or someone interrupting me. Heaven!

Pearl said...

Hi, Lilly.
Oh, yes. I enjoy a nice shower, but oils are lovely. Honestly, I am about 10 minutes away from taking a bath...

Hi, Rene.
Oh, a clawfoot. That just makes me sad...

Hi, Dee.
"Periphery" is the edge of something, something on the outside...
I'm going to go take a nice, hot bath right now!


sage said...

I will occassionally induldge in a bath, but soaking in natural hot springs are one of the many things I miss about not being in the West...

Brother Tobias said...

Pearl, I am so with you on this. Baths are still part of British culture (although that may be changing). It must be the worst of bad form to post a link to one's own blog on someone else's comments, but I hope you will forgive me this once, because this post summed up my bath/shower views in a way you would not want me to restate here.


Pearl said...

Hi, Adrian.
You and I agree on this one!

Hi, Sage.
I'm thinking you're probably right on that one.

Hi, Brother Tobias.
You are welcome to do so here at any time.


Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

I like your use of the word "periphery," That makes me happy. But I have to admit, I am a shower person. Sorry.