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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another Moment with Pearl and Mary: The Litter Talk

There was a bit of carrot in the bathroom sink at work.


I call Mary. 


Things were so much more formal before our numbers were identifiable.

“It’s Pearl.”

“I know that,” she says, chuckling.  “What up?”

“In the bathroom,” I say, looking around.  I lower my voice.  “There’s a carrot in the bathroom sink here.”

I can hear Mary blinking from here.  “A whole carrot?”

 “No.  Just a bit large enough to be identifiable.”  I sigh.  “Who would leave a piece of carrot in the lousy sink?”

Mary sighs.  “What’s happened to us, man?  We used to care about our bathroom sinks.”

“Doesn’t anyone remember the Crying Indian?”

Children of the 70s, Mary and I have fond and sometimes vigilant attitudes about littering.

“It’s a shame,” I say.

“A crying shame,” she amends.  “Did I tell you about the car I chased down the street last summer?”

I am caught short with the thought that Mary has experienced something that she has not told me about.  “Does this tie in?”

“It does,” she says. 

“Proceed,” I say.

“Well,” she says, “As you are aware, I do quite a bit of walking with T-Bone.”

T-Bone, a black lab/smallish bison mix with the sincere eyes of a dog that loves you very, very much, figures in many of Mary’s stories.

“I am aware of this.”

“So I’m walking over by the path.  You know the path?  That one by my house?”

I don’t, not really, but I pretend I do.  “Yes,” I say.

“Well we’re on that, walking, and coming up on that parking lot over by the motorcycle dealership?  And right over there, I see this guy in a pickup throw a couple bags of garbage out the passenger window!”


“Yes!  And so you know me, I go running after them.  ‘Hey!’ I’m yelling.  ‘Hey!  You forgot your garbage!’”

“Did they stop?”

Mary exhales sharply.  “What do you think?  No they didn’t stop!  They’re squealing away and there I am, running behind them screaming ‘Pick up your mess!  Get back here and pick up your mess!’”

There is a brief pause.

“Ran for a good block,” she says. 

I smile.  She can’t see it, of course, but I am confident that she knows.  We’re professionals.

“Ever see ‘em again?” I ask.

“Nope,” she says.  “Now would you do me a favor and pull that carrot out of the sink?”

And we both laugh. 

Because we both know I’ve already done it. 


Anonymous said...

People just got no respect these days...no respect aatall.

joeh said...

It is difficult to elicit an actual laugh out loud in written material, but you have done it again.

Silliyak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silliyak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silliyak said...

2 deletions are mine, apparently I can't type this early..
Or.... you could have added, say, 23 more and brag that in YOUR work bathroom you have a 24 carrot sink.

Gigi said...

Who the hell brings a bit of carrot into the bathroom? What kind of world are we living in?

Eva Gallant said...

Love those phone conversations with Mary.

Joanne Noragon said...

Um hm. Dry our hands with a paper towel, and then because it's damp, wipe down the sink and fixtures.

jenny_o said...

Clearly a mini-snowman was Murdered By Melting in that sink. Call the authorities at once.

Linda O'Connell said...

Mini carrot? maybe a mini snow person? maybe a slob.

Geo. said...

Occasionally carrots do try to take over the world but they start in really dopey places.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...................yeauch............. YAM xx

Jono said...

Vegans are sneaking around everywhere, even in your bathroom!

Elephant's Child said...

Bulimia leapt to my sad sick mind. There is always carrot in vomit. It is a rule. And should be cleaned up immediately. Or sooner.

Eileen B said...

The comments are as great as your post. Thanks for the hilarity, jocularity and amusement. Tell Mary thanks as well.

Launna said...

Haha Pearl... I probably would have ran after the truck too... to cute xox

River said...

I'm with Gigi and Joanne too. hoo-boy, the things I've pulled out of sinks, bathroom and lunchroom. Mostly lunchroom Ugh!!

Rose L said...

A dog that is part BISON???? Are you sure you did not mean to say bichon??? Otherwise, if bison, OUCH! I feel sorry for the mama!!!!

Daisy said...

You and Mary are definitely on the same wavelength and what's the matter with people these days!! :)