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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Got Yer List Right Here

As one might imagine, I’m a list maker. Not only does this give me clear indication of what’s expected of me, but I get the satisfaction of checking off the completed items.

You have to know how to work a list, though. You can’t just make a list! You’ve got to think ahead to the pay-off!

For example, listing that you need to “clean the bathroom” is only going to get you one “check”. Hardly worth it, is it?

But if you list out:
Scrub toilet
Scrub tub
Change towels
Evict illegal squatters
Shake rugs

Well, now look how many things you have to check off! Now that’s a proper list.

I find my old lists in jacket pockets, at the bottom of my purse. Some of them are quite obvious.


No mistaking that list.

But then there are the lists liable to make you frown with concentration.  I found this in an old purse:

Don’t forget to bring to next gathering!
Lasagna (uncooked)
Stretchy Cord
Duct Tape

Yikes! What do you suppose was going on there? What gathering?  What was the duct tape for?  No, no, no. Let’s not think anymore on that one.

Let's just start another list:  Things I've Found in my Purse and Possible Reasons Thereof.  


Buttons said...

Yikes Pearl I don't think I really know you at all:) Hug B

Silliyak said...

Maybe you accidentally grabbed a cat's list?

Daisy said...

I would rather not disclose some of the thing that have been found in my purse. :) That list sounds quite intriguing.

joeh said...

I had the same thought as Silliyac

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Well, you'd need antacid after eating raw lasagne and the rest adds up to preparations for lycra dancewear prior to mardi-gras. Ring any bangles? YAM xx

Delores said...

It's when you start making lists of your lists and cross indexing them that you have a real problem.

jenny_o said...

My friend makes itemized lists that take so long to finish that she doesn't get any of the actual work done. But I only do this, I mean SHE only does this on a low energy day.

Jayne Martin said...

I'm a chronic list-maker, too. Mostly because I suffer from "can't-remember-shit" syndrome. This means my day usually starts with a note that says, "Make a list."

chickensconsigliere said...

You know, there is a little known addendum to the list-making rules, known as the Chicken addendum, that allows all maker's of lists to add things to list and check them off after completion. This addendum benefits those who go above and beyond, completing things that were never on the list in the first place, like, for example, duct-taping someone to a chair at your next gathering or drawing a happy face on your bathroom mirror with lipstick. So go forth. Over achieve in the secure knowledge that you can capture it all on your list and, more importantly, check it off.

Elephant's Child said...

Another list maker here. Though I try and ensure that there is at least one thing on it that I KNOW I can cross off for that warm achievement glow. A feed cats sort of thing...

wendy house said...

Work that list, work that list... I'm imagining the video and dance routine

River said...

I check my lists and anything not crossed off gets added to the next list which eventually gets too long, so I throw it away and start over with a new list.

Sheepmom said...

Ditto to what River said. I've been known (when I'm feeling particularly ineffective) to write "make new list" at the top of a new list just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off. It's possible I need help of some kind......

Ms Scarlet said...

So... how did evicting the squatters go?!