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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And There Was Much Rejoicing

Today is one of those days where once again I am in love with humanity. Just take a look! See all those weirdos out there? One of them is me – and, quite possibly, you.

Said with love, of course.

It was the bus driver that set off Tuesday’s love affair – which sounds far more interesting than it actually is. Me and the bus driver? Nah. While I enjoy his sparkling black eyes and the way his belly lays in his lap, he’s not for me; and I think we both know that now.

But enough about our ill-fated love! This isn’t about The Bus Driver and The Sleepless Writer! (That’s more of a weekend blog, don’t you think?) This is about the bus driver and the woman who ran four blocks to catch the bus this morning – and the fact that, once alerted by the shouting passengers, he actually pulled over and waited for her.

Poor thing. There she was, a young woman in seasonally inappropriate glitter-gold shoes, running with a determination rarely shown amongst the young nowadays. The gold shoes ate up the pavement stride by stride and I found myself rooting for the gal in the fancy slippers.

When she finally got to the bus, she gasped a “thank you” to the driver and proceeded to cough until she gagged. Poor dolly! The cold, damp air of a Minnesota morning is not for everyone. If she had looked up, she would’ve seen her fellow commuters, smiling, relieved. Despite the morning's late start, she had caught up and was now back on track and somehow we all felt better. I think that's wonderful, even if she did sacrifice a lung to do it.

Starting out late is no way to live, and yet I did it myself just the other day. Appears my own bus left Saturday, when I'd missed a lunch date with a friend I hadn't seen since high school. It was only her message to me via Facebook this morning that made me realize what had happened.

That's a big bus to chase, having stood someone up.

But if she'll pull over, I'll keep running.


a Broad said...

Awwww... hugs to that bus driver, hugs to that girl who ran and coughed and hugs to you about that missed date.

I used to start everything out late, these days I stay more on time but then I get this feeling Time is running out and I want to run in the other direction.


Bossy Betty said...

Reminder to Betty: Get out the gold shoes.

Hope you have a happy Wednesday, Pearl!

Big Fat Gini said...

Yay for one awesome bus driver!

Also, there's NO way I could run in any kind of shoes but tennis shoes. So bravo to anyone who can do that!

Simply Suthern said...

I got up late this morn but thank goodness my car didnt leave without me. It has driven that path so many times it could prolly make it on its own.

That was nice of the driver tho. I watched my daughters bus pull away the other morn with her running up the street behind it. She was devastated.

Sorry you and the bus driver didnt quite work out. Think of the money you could save.

Gigi said...

Since I rarely check my Facebook - I have to wonder how many dates I've missed?

Sweet Cheeks said...

So...the bus driver made her run 4 blocks-eh?
I'll bet he was just testing her...he could've stopped at the second block and picked her up.

Maybe it's good that things didn't work out between you and The Bus Driver...he obviously has a dark side.

Joanie M said...

Terrific bus driver! If that was me running, I'd have given him a kiss when he stopped for me!! (who am I kidding? If I tried to run, I'd probably have a heart attack!

Sam Liu said...

What a lovely man. I have been in this situation myself before, and sometimes one does get a driver nice enough to stop and wait. I am always warmed by such kindness. A wonderful post, Pearl.

lesinfin said...

I have no memory. I miss stuff all the time. It’s awful. But then, most of the time I don’t remember what I’ve missed. So I guess it’s not so bad ;-)

A Mom on Spin said...

Kinda makes you think all's right with the world. . .right????

vanilla said...

"See all those weirdos out there? One of them is me – and, quite possibly, you." Yes, indeed. Aren't we all?

Hope you get another chance to reconnect with that friend.

Argent said...

It's great when they stop for ya. Some swines we have around here take a running would-be passenger as a challenge and drive slowly till the person thinks he's gonna stop then...vrooom, he's off. There needs to be special Hell for such as these.

24 Corners said...

Bless her little gold feet and bless all of you for cheering her on, so to speak!

I know how tough those missed dates are...missed my own birthday lunch one time. My two friends finally called asking where I was...slayed me!

yogurt said...

being late sounds like a good exercise. more power to that. -Y

Kavi said...

FAntastic post ! The bus. A run and a message for life !

Well, throw in the gasping girl and a glitter shoe to show...well, you have one heck of a post here !!


Scrappy Doo said...

awww ! What a sweet story :-) Here in Texas the driver would have made her run 10 blocks then, just as he slowed and she got inches from having a ride to wherever- Bus peels out leaving gold-shoe-girly in a cloud of exhaust:-)

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

This post is worthy of a soundtrack!

Cheeseboy said...

I feel like I know this bus now - everyone on it. You always have the most interesting thoughts about people.

Symdaddy said...

Ya see, I reckon she would never have caught that bus if those shoes hadn't given her super powers!

And I'm a bit sceptical as to the bus drivers motives for stopping.

That sort of behaviour in a bus driver just does NOT happen in this country ... at least not when the runner is 51, balding, bespectacled and wearing leather boots of the sturdiest kind.

And as for ...

"That's a big bus to chase, having stood someone up.

But if she'll pull over, I'll keep running."


If she pulls over 'n you keep running, you'll go straight past her!

Double DOH!

Gaston Studio said...

Good on the bus driver for stopping at all; from what I hear, this would be an unusual event! I've been trying to hook up with an old high school friend for months now... and I don't have a late bus as an excuse!

Left you something at my place Pearl.



God and no one judged her on gold glittery shoes during daylight hours? The bus should have run her OVER! :)