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Monday, March 1, 2010

Ode to T, or Sometimes It's Hard to be Cheerful

It’s not like it was, you know. It used to be that people moved away and you were not likely to ever hear from them again. Maybe a long-distance phone call, a card at Christmas, but eventually the contact would dry up altogether, and another person was out of your life.

Today we have cell phones, where long distance charges may no longer apply; Facebook, where photos are posted; Instant Messaging where we can “talk” in real time.

And we take what we can get, don’t we, where loved ones are concerned; because despite the desire that our wishes be considered in all aspects of life, the truth is that so much of what happens is out of our hands.

T*, long-time friend, hardwood floor artisan and wearer of slogan tee-shirts both clean and obscene is leaving Friday, moving thousands of miles away to Florida.

What, after all, can Minnesota offer against the ocean, year-round warmth, citrus fruits that – bear with me, because I swear this is true – grow on trees?

Oranges! In trees!

Who can beat that?

There are promises, of course, that visits will be made, that contact will be maintained. And everyone wants to believe it.

But I grew up on the road, and I know that despite our fondest wishes, there are points in our lives from where we can look back and see the very moment things changed.

This is one of those moments.

Farewell, T. Write when you get work.

* See “My Weird Friends” along the right over there to read more about T.


powdergirl said...

Fair well, T, its been a real pleasure reading about you.

When you go visit, Pearl, take a picture of this 'orange tree' you describe above.

If it were true, it would be magnificent.

Douglas said...

There are two stages to a neo-Floridian's life. The first is when he first moves to Florida. He finds a big place where all his old friends can come down for a visit in the winter.
The second stage happens just before the next winter. He moves into a much smaller place where he can't possibly fit even one guest.

So visit T this year, if possible.

Elliott said...

When we moved to Florida, it was pulling teeth to get people to visit us. And this year, like everyone else, we had the coldest winter on record.

But I'm here to tell you, rumors of the citrus trees are true!

De Campo said...

It’s good that you have braced yourself for the inevitable….

…you will eventually be replaced by shuffle board.

Pearl said...

I've seen pics of T's new place. I'm sure there are SMALLER places, but I've never personally seen one. :-)

ICKY said...

P you are a complete nutter !

I am going to miss you the most.
Alas....we will still have facebook !

Also, remember, I have a picture of the boobie bead tree, its like a calling....

The mad woman behind the blog said...

I hear they have these delightful things called avocados that grow on trees there too! And limes, ON TREES! Its practically a party.
Now if only the homes come with margarita machines.

LucyCooper said...

People don't wear much clothing in Florida. I've been amazed what passes for an "outfit" when I've visited there. Good luck T! Take your shirt off if you want to feel at home

Kr√ęg said...

Goodbye stranger I've never met and never knew existed until thirty seconds ago! Fare thee well!

[jealous about Florida]

Not The Rockefellers said...

God Pearl, it's at these moments that "the wonder years" narrator in my head says...this was the last time she saw so and so...I'm always happy when that sucker is wrong

Having a friend in Florida is the perfect balm for tough Minnesota winters

lisleman said...

Yes I agree we don't see the change until after we look back on it.
I hope Mr T will have a warm sunny place for you to escape to next winter.

Anonymous said...

It hurts when a good friend moves away like that.

sage said...

Remind Mr. T that there are also mosquitoes (year around, not just a few months like in MN) and alligators and corral snakes and giant cockroaches and blind retirees behind the wheel of over-sized cars... And why did he move at the end of winter?

Flea said...

Don't do it, T! Don't do it! Yeah, there's fruit on the trees, but the cockroaches are the size of small terriers and they FLY! Straight at your face sometimes! Spiders move into your place and never leave! The bugs! The bugs! You'll never go another day without seeing bugs.

On the flip side, a year round tan, growing pineapples in a shady front yard, sand between your toes, flip flops all year - no, none of those make up for the bugs.

Pearl needs you to stay. Sit! Stay!

Lo said...

No need to lose people anymore, as long as they have a computer. I have gathered all my lost friends back into my warm embrace via emails and blogs.
Love, Lo

Anonymous said...

I love you T!!!!!!
Pearl and I are SO going to talk about you mere seconds after you pull out of the drive way....
just kidding!

Marla said...

I think I feel a tear welling up. Yes, in my left eye.

Tempo said...

Oh, it's THAT cold over there?! Here in southern OZ the weather is so like the Mediterranean that Oranges thrive. My backyard has a Naval that's loaded each summer, and an Emperor mandarin, lemons, Passion Fruit and Apricots...big ones, and ripe right on Christmas week..Yum! But we've got no water, little rain (1 1/2 inches a year) no snow, dust storms and sun burn... Swap you for a year Pearl?

Jayne said...

It's a bummer when good friends move away - sure, we have things like Facebook & Messenger - but it's just not the same as dropping by, having a cuppa & a good chat to solve all the problems of the world :-)

Thanks for stopping by my spot :-) Muchly appreciated.

Irisheyes said...

I am going to have to agree with Flea on this one. Boy, who would have ever thunk I would say those words? You will be missed T! And I hope you turn right back around once you come to your senses!! :)

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Florida and the Midwest each for almost half my life in each place. I pick the Midwest. The people in the Midwest generally speaking are nicer, harder workers, better morals and values and God bless no hurricanes. I hope and pray I never have to live in Florida again unless it's a winter home when I retire.