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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wanted: Muses

People have asked me how I can find something to write about every day.

Sometimes, I wonder that myself.

And that got me thinking.

Where does inspiration come from?

For me, it’s not the margaritas, the impressive genealogy (including farmers, a postal worker and a high school teacher) or the kissy-lipped face of concentration I’ve been known to adopt while writing.

I have muses. And while “having muses” sounds like something that could be taken care of with some sort of burning soap and a tiny-toothed comb, I’m glad I have them.

There are people in my life that act as muses.

The thing that has surprised me most about discovering the concept of the muse is that it can be anyone.

Take T for instance.

T says things that make me think, make me look deeper. The following exchange has stayed with me for years:

Me: I just can’t believe Robin screwed me over like that! After I’ve gone above and beyond for him!

T: You know what the problem with the world is? There aren’t enough people doing stuff for Robin.

That comment inspired a story and helped me drop the attitude I had been working on.

I think everyone has muses, but I’m not sure everyone sees them. It would be best, of course, if muses were easily identified, if they were required to, say, wear those shoes with the little bells on the toes, or present printed cards, little gold-embossed cards calling them out as licensed and bonded inspirers of creativity.

But maybe we just need to open our eyes to the fact that sometimes muses aren’t readily identifiable.

Sometimes they come wearing t-shirts that say “Trust Me, I’m A Jedi”.


darsden said...

YoU Muse me all the time :-))

Not The Rockefellers said...

Pearl, I see muses...all the time, everywhere.
Walking around like regular people. They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're muses.

Do you think it's a sixth sense?


Peace - Rene

CatLadyLarew said...

My muses come in all sorts of forms... friends, alcohol, meditation, children, work, panhandlers, camping trips, accidents, books, trash tv... the list goes on and on!

Douglas said...

I muse. But I am not a muse... that I know of. Muses are either hard to come by or hard to avoid, I am not sure which.

It isn't so much that you can find something about which to write each day, it's that you find a way in which to write whatever comes your way. A way that always entertains.

Eric S. said...

I think Douglas has it right.

"It isn't so much that you can find something about which to write each day, it's that you find a way in which to write whatever comes your way. A way that always entertains."

Not an easy task by any means. Muses come from the strangest, and sometimes the most unlikely sources. I constantly find myself amazed at what comes up. I also think we each are muses to one another. I know I have gotten ideas from all the blogs I visit, not to mention the people I see daily.

Chris@Maugeritaville said...

I've never felt compelled to write, or should I say, POST something every day. Blogging isn't Twitter. Truth be told, I sometimes lose interest in blogs I follow when they start putting up random stuff just for posting's sake. I'd rather reread someone's awesome work than shuffle through "And today we went to Sears."

But maybe that's just me.

The Jules said...

I thought muse were what you got from kittens.

Ms Sparrow said...

WOW! Great insights, Pearl.

otin said...

I am rather A -muse-D LOL!

powdergirl said...

Interesting subject Pearl,
A lot of my posts are inspired by the people I see around me and the funny, weird, cool, or ignorant stuff they get up to.
I was sitting waiting for my Ladies in Recovery(an unorthodox group) yesterday, I looked off to my right and there was a guy pointing his camera at me, I thought, "damn Bloggers!", then I thought , wait a minute.... You're supposed to be MY muse, not tother way around. He drove away before I could get out my door : (
Do you think there's a post out there somewhere called, "Why the Hell is this Woman always sitting in this parking lot" ?

I guess if we venture out the door, we're all potential muses to those who are watching.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm with darsden!


mapstew said...

Are we not all musing each, and for each other?

As Queen Victoria is reputed to have said; " we are not a muse"!



De Campo said...

I need that t-shirt….

Kate Coveny Hood said...

This made me catch my breath. It's perfect and so true.

This is how I live my life. Although it took me years to figure that out.

I don't know if I could ever take full credit for any semi-interesting thought I've ever had. It was usually inspired by someone ro something around me.

Kavi said...

With a blog title like Kavis Musings...you can imagine how much 'musings' mean to me.

At other times, i think it can also be some sort of a defense mechanism within me. To pass off sub-standard writing...in the garb of musings !


You havent heard the last word on that...though.

Gadjo Dilo said...

It's a shame they don't arrive wearing t-shirts that say “Trust Me, I’m A Muse”! Oh, that would make life easier, though possible a little "cheaper".

@eloh said...

Sometimes I miss one of your posts. It makes me feel bad that I can't keep up...so I go sit on my short bus till I feel all better.

Madame DeFarge said...

For me, it's more about having the time to write a post and comment on others. Both take up time for me to do them justice. It's not a problem of finding inspiration, it's more a problem finding time. Good luck to those who can find both.

Jeanne said...

I read this somewhere: "A writer is one on whom nothing is wasted."

And you're a writer....

Jocelyn said...

Or sometimes they add a "Mr." in front of their names and add heaps of gold chains around their necks.

Jocelyn said...

Or sometimes they add a "Mr." in front of their names and add heaps of gold chains around their necks.