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Friday, September 4, 2009

I’m Like A Rich Person Over Here!

Ah. Welcome to Labor Day Weekend, my friends. The USA will be engaged in a four-day love affair with the end of summer, with BBQs, with getting fabulously drunk with friends, and, if you live in Minnesota, going to the Minnesota State Fair.

Have you been to the Fair?

Oh, darling, you simply must. Whole Quonset huts full of enormous pigs, walls of cows, silly chickens, aggressive ducks and bleating sheep! Carnival rides! Families tied together with rope! Food on a stick!

Did you hear me? Food on a stick!

Yeah. We get pretty excited about that.

One of my favorite aspects of the Fair is the Sheep Barn.

You walk in, and there is that moment of silence, if you are lucky, and then the cacophony of hundreds of sheep bleating, hundreds of sheep sounding suspiciously like hundreds of people imitating hundreds of sheep.

Sheep Party!

Would you believe I look forward to that every year?

You would?

I gotta get out more.

So anyway, this is the plan Saturday:
  • Drive to mall
  • Free bus ride to the Fair from the mall
  • Eat food on stick
  • Avoid being run over by hotshots in motorized wheelchairs
  • Eat more food on a stick
  • Walk through the merchandise buildings (avoiding the sheets/nylon parachutes from last year – a $20 lesson regarding buying “400-Count Egyptian Cotton” in a building surrounded by cowboys and the All-You-Can-Drink-For-a-Quarter Milk Stand)
  • Possibly swap out more food on a stick with a greasy bag of hot, miniature, sugared donuts
  • Go home.

It's a full life.

Really. I’m like a rich person over here.


darsden said...

Sounds Like a lot of Fun, wish we had a fair or ANYTHING to go do around this place besides damn Casinos!!! However I will have 2 of my 5 babies here to play with for tomorrow. I am excited about those couple of hours :-) Happy Labor Day Pearl.

Krëg said...

Will they have deep-fried peanut butter & Jelly sandwiches? I hear those are the next big fair food.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

The brilliant minds running the North Carolina state fair always decide to schedule a home football game for NC State on the weekends of the fair, and they try their mightiest to get the Carolina Hurricanes to be skating those same weekends, so that one part of Raleigh becomes a congested, traffic-ensnarled, booze-fueled, sweater-wearing, fist-fighting mess.

I always decline to go, though it is touted as ten-days worth of can't miss fun.

Ms. Case said...

While my grand ol' state will in fact be having BBQs and enjoying the last of summer, they WILL NOT all be getting fabulously drunk. It's a shame really. I need to move somewhere that I know for a fact people enjoy living it up from time to time!

Have a fantastic Holiday Weekend, I know I will :)

CSY said...

Oh, I LOVE fair food1 I have to wait until November before our state has one! I can't WAIT!!! We're having margaritas tonight...it may lead to a MASSIVE hangover Monday, but its ok - I'll just sleep the day away! Have a good, fun filled weekend!

Ms Sparrow said...

Maybe when you go to the fair you can hunt down the Egyptian sheet stand and picket it. You would surely make the evening news since all the local TV stations are out at the fair. Imagine the excitement, the glory, the fame!

Jodie Kash said...

They do a fruit chunks on a stick at our Taste of Colorado...drizzled in white or dark choco.

Those damn healthy outdoor types always gotta do something for attention.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Have some food on a stick for me too! Sounds good! I haven't been to the fair and they built the Mall of America long after I stopped spending my summers there like I did when I was a kid.

I have to work this weekend and on Labor Day so have some fun for me too, okay?

I'm not the luckiest person I know...sigh.

Happy weekend and hugs!!

Douglas said...

Food on a stick? Corn dogs. At the San Diego County Fair. Can't recall any other types. No, wait, there was something on a stick in Olongapo in the Philippines many moons ago... It might have been chicken. Some called it "monkey meat" but you don't think it really was? Do you? Tasted good, whatever it was.

KMcJoseph said...

Ooooh! 400 count!

@eloh said...

Ever notice that the prices at Fairs are never very darn fair.

Free fare to the Fair if you start from somewhere other than home, I guess that's fairly fair.

Jess said...

Thank GOD I am not the only person who thinks that heaven has arrived when the fair comes to town! I LIVE for fair food! I would DIE if fair food was available all year round...it is death on my insides, but such bliss while it is going down!!

Eskimo Bob said...

We have a 120+ lb cabbage at our fair - whatcha got?

powdergirl said...

But Pearl? What about the parade?
Is there no parade?

And beer gardens?

Madame DeFarge said...

Sounds a fab time. I expect you to eat lots of candyfloss, feel slightly queasy, but proud of your state. You got girl!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Our local fete (a fete worse than death) used to offer cartons of mushy peas and something that appeared to be scouring pads marinated in old lard and then toasted to the point of being almost lukewarm.

Miss Footloose said...

Pearl, your weekend looks more exciting than mine! Don't know what that says about me but I probably shouldn't broadcast that all over the Internet, but here I go.

Glad I gave you a laugh with my story, so thanks for visiting my blog!

Miss Footloose
Tales of the Globetrotting Life

ICKY said...

Someone finally made a game out of that (horrible) place......


mapstew said...

It's 3.30am. here and you got me laughing out loud!

Food on a stick! Sweet divine Jeebus!!


Not The Rockefellers said...

Round here we got the Deerfield Fair, in lovely Deerfield Parade NH

Hoss ( horse) Pullin'..Ay yuh..

And hot apple crisp
And fried dough
And sweet potato fries
And deep fried snickers...

And EMT's


Peace - Rene

Joanna Jenkins said...

Fair Food is the BEST! Homemade lemonade with real sugar, meatball sandwiches, greasy french fries with vinegar sprinkled on and those crispy pasty things with powdered sugar on them. YUMMMMMY

DevilsHeaven said...

I want you to know I went to my State Fair with meat on sticks and deep fried candy bars dancing about in my head because of this post and got NONE OF IT!!!
MY State Fair was a big fat goose egg of a zero of fun!!! The only good thing I had was an elephant ear!!!
I felt so dejected I wanted to hop a plane and come hang at your Fair.