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Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Never Thought She’d Sound Like THAT

Every now and then, I am faced with something that has never happened before. Just such an experience presented itself Friday.

I was interviewed by Eskimo Bob.

Actually, that little sentence encompasses a number of things that have never happened to me before.

* I’ve never spoken to anyone while they were in Alaska.

* I’ve never, to my knowledge, spoken to anyone with even an ounce of Eskimo blood in them.

* I’ve never been interviewed for a radio show.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I was interviewed for a radio show -- I just didn't speak. The interview was based on the fact that I was the bari sax player in a pretty hot jazz band. Unfortunately, I was 18 at the time and entirely tongue-tied.

Apparently nodding to questions is a no-no on radio. I’m sure the listening audience wondered why the DJ kept asking the mute girl questions.

It was cruel, really.

I’ve learned some things, however, since then, as I am wont to do, and gave ol’ Bob what I’m sure amounts, in hindsight, to an earful.

It airs at 7:00 p.m. Sunday night, Minneapolis time. That’s seven hours post Greenwich Mean Time, if that helps you. I do hope you check it out, if only to support Bob and see how badly I stick my foot in it.

Me? Stick my foot in my mouth?



darsden said...

rotflmao..what time is that in central "american" time fur me...LOL I will try to catch it. I can so see you nodding your head on radio bawhahahaha

powdergirl said...

I would love to catch that interview!

But how do I know you're not flipping us the bird over the air-ways?

Well, because you're not that kind of a blogger, Thats how.

mzbehavin said...

laughing out loud....... ( but then again.. I always do when I read your posts....)

I'm sure you've moved beautifully past the "Head Nodding" stage......

sounds sorta like the going to school naked dream......

or how about forgetting how to spell your own name???? ( I did that once.... it ain't pretty...)

Ms Sparrow said...

I LOVE the beri-sax! Do you still play? I'd love to hear you sometime.

Kavi said...

I guess you would record it all...and perhaps publish it on the blog as well !

Well..thats a request !


@eloh said...

Bob had me on as your "stand in" last week.

Like when Johnny Carson's guest would cancel at the last minute and he would call some D lister he knew was just sitting around watching the cobwebs wiggle.

kimber p said...

it's so cool that you're gonna be on the radio..lol and if anyone ever tells you that "you have a face for radio", I'll punch em right in the neck!! :)

Madame DeFarge said...

Oh, I'll miss it, being somewhere in Iceland at the time. Your moment of fame will be lost upon me. Hope you still speak to us when you're famous.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I bet you kicked a**....just sayin!

Beth said...

I'm sure you sound great!

My son plays the bari sax, too. It huge!

Warty Mammal said...

Cool! Way to go!

SweetPeaSurry said...

Oh I bet that your interview was fantastico!!! I'll be sure to listen to it!!!!