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Friday, July 31, 2009

Next, We’re Knitting a Refrigerator Cozy

I have some of the most ridiculous thoughts sometimes.

Today? Today, my friend, I thought of something I hadn’t thought of in decades.

The round.

Remember the “round”?

Row row row your boat
Row row row your boat

Hardly momentous of me, is it, wondering if the round is still out there, if it’s enjoying popularity in another part of the world, if it has ever made the career move from, say, elementary-school music education to soiree.

Is there a career path for the round? Or has it gone the way of spray-painted macaroni sculptures?

You gotta be wondering where this is going by now.

Wonder no more.

May I introduce to you Arts and Craps Night. T (the man in possession of a state-of-the-art-lawn sprinkler), Mary (don’t make her come over there and clean your house!) and I have decided that there are not enough reasons in our everyday lives to use the hot glue gun.

I’m sure you’ve all come to that same realization in your own lives.

Oh, sure. We’ve done a couple things. A ridiculously bulky birthday card. A bead-encrusted doll house. A plaster of Paris bust of Nikola Tesla. Nothing serious.

Still, Arts and Craps Night is almost upon us again. What will we make? How long will it take us? Will I laugh until I fall off my chair again?

And what about Naomi?

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, everyone.

Happy Friday.


darsden said...

LOL OMG I posted my arts and crafts last night.. don't be a hater...LOL

Joanna Jenkins said...

"Rounds!" Sadly, due to massive budget cuts in public schools, art and music have been cut and millions of student will never know what you are talking about :-)

Not The Rockefellers said...

Rounds and a Love Of Chair reference...
Pearl are you in my brain?

And where the hell is Michael?
He's been out in that damn boat all day..

Peace - Rene

ellen abbott said...

Round or not I'd love to be rowing that boat right about now.

Douglas said...

I have rowed boats. Many times. None of it was especially merry, as I recall.

LPC said...

I just have to show you this. http://amidlifeofprivilege.blogspot.com/2009/04/cozies-redeemed-barely.html. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion but I definitely count as an Underdog and you are the only person I've seen make reference to the cozies that drive me berserk.

mbuna53 said...

What a coincidence, I was thinking about rounds yesterday while I was out for a walk. My sister and nephews and I were singing row, row, row your boat on one of their visits up here.

Funny what pops into your head when you are out walking around.

mapstew said...

The Youngest loves 'Arts and Tarts' days!

(Card making & baking!)

Nice Tarts too!

A good weekend to ya.


powdergirl said...

Oh yeah, that songs still making the rounds.
It's got some new lyrics but...

I love the idea of a refrigerator cozy, I want one.
Also I want Mary to come over and clean my house, Irene's getting fed up with me.

Have a fun Arts and Craps night!

Beth said...

The attributes of hot glue are rarely appreciated.

For some reason rowing boats reminded me that the beer was cold in the fridge.

Anonymous said...

Arts and Craps night!

Make musical instruments out of paper plates and beans...

Ahh...the memories!

(And don't forget to make hats out of folded newspapers...)

Aria said...

Actually, I think you need to knit a toilet cozy... the kind that will cover the entire thing and then use the glue gun to put sequins and sea shells all over it... then when someone you don't like visits you, you leave the toilet cozy on, they go in to the bathroom, decide you're nuts on say, a serial killer scale and they leave. That's puttin' that glue gun to good use, my friend!

Heidi said...

The round. I remember the round. I haven't heard anybody doing a round lately. Maybe we'll have to bring that back.