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Friday, July 24, 2009

Are You Getting Enough “Other People’s Stuff” in Your Diet?

I don’t know where you’re from, but around here, we like a good deal.

And what could be a better deal than me taking your old Christmas decorations off your hands for, say, a dollar? What, that’s not enough? Are you crazy? They’re going for 75 cents down the street! Okay, okay. I’ll give you $1.10 if you’ll throw in a Ziploc baggie of all the holiday cards you’ve received in the last 10 years and a pair of socks with reindeer on them.

To go garage saling (please join me, won’t you, in the verbification of America?) is one of the pleasures of having lived through the winter.

You remember winter, don’t you, or at least remember me whining about it?

And yea the deities looked down/over/askance at the inhabitants of the frozen land and said, you know what they need? Those poor saps need to buy paperback books for a quarter.

And it was good.

And honestly, that’s what I’ve been doing lately: stocking up on books for the winter. Like a library-bound chipmunk, my figurative cheeks stuffed with best sellers (hey – leave my literal cheeks out of it!), I pile them up in the corners, waiting for winter.

My most recent foray into the land of garage sales yielded four books, a picture frame, an unopened container of talcum powder, four embroidered pillow cases and a toddler.

The pillow cases were in great shape, but all that kid did was cry. I had to take him back.

The weekend is busy again: Amy’s birthday pub crawl, Sarah’s cocktail party at the beautiful La Belle Vie, yoga, laundry, kitty-petting, the obligatory sleeping in and making of the coffee, and now the hunting/gathering urge to drive from neighborhood to neighborhood in search of people selling stuff…

Sounds like an episode of Cops in the making, doesn’t it?


darsden said...

at the risk of being stoned to death...ya know I have never gone garage sale hunting...nope got enough crap of my own I don't need to go buy anybody else's crap..LOL oh sorry did I say that out loud..

sounds fun Pearl...lol

powdergirl said...

Did you try putting the toddler in an embroidered pillow case, dumping in the talcum powder and shaking him till he stopped crying?

That always works for me, especially following a pub crawl.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I don't know if you guys have a project like this up there, but our local library will sell you really good-quality used books, and the proceeds go to help the library.

I just picked up a copy of the Merchant of Venice and Othello for a dollar each. I'm thinking of heading back tonight to get the Greek Myths Vol II that I saw but didn't have the cash for.

De Campo said...

You can never have enough books and ammo stockpiled.

It’s going to be a long winter.

Douglas said...

I have always avoided garage sales. Swap meets (aka "flea markets") have been my downfall many a time. I had a neighbor once who... well, that's a story for my blog, I suppose.

Pearl said...

Dar, I can't believe it. :-) But this is DIFFERENT crap! NEW crap! :-) I really have to get to MS -- and bring you a present from a garage sale!

powdergirl, kind of a kiddie shake-and-bake? Sounds delicious!

mjenks, oh it's been so long since I read mythology -- it was a major passion of mine from about 4th to 7th grade. I'll bet the libraries do have that around here, actually. I should check into it because so many garage sales have just way too many "romance" novels...

De Campo, I agree. I've got a nice little pile going but am already breaking into it. Reading "Mind Hunter" right now, co-authored by Jack Douglas, Mr. FBI Profiler. I tend toward fiction, history, and true crime (not so much the gory details but the "why" of it all and how the person was caught).

Douglas, I think I would do more flea markets if they were closer to the city. MN is a heavy garage-sale kinda place, and the good ones are just fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not so much into the garage sales..... But I hear you can find good stuff there. I just um......like NEW stuff. I am responsible for using all of the oil in the world. I know.

Pearl said...

Jules, I think it's the hunt I enjoy most. Well, that and the stack of books I'll have before winter hits!

Reddirt Woman said...

When we used to drive up to visit Carol's sister in 'the cities' one of the highlights was to go garage saling. When we would leave to go home, we'd have the car packed like the proverbial Okies heading to California. The good thing about it, though, was the things were so different than what you'd usually find around here that if we decided we didn't really want them or couldn't really use them, we had no problem selling them at our garage sales...

And the circle is never ending...


Dar needs help... omg.

mapstew said...

That reminds me, gotta get into that attic soon!

Don't have a garage.

And we don't DO garage sales over here.

We got car-boot(h)sales almost every Sunday in some village or other, where everybody turns up and try to sell their shit to each other! What fun!

Happy weekend. xxx

Anonymous said...

I knew I spotted a piece of a novel wedged in between your front teeth the other day!

You WERE meaning your real cheeks....

Have a nice weekend Peggles!

Barbara Blundell said...

Glad you were able to return the kid. They wouldn't take mine back or even exchange it for a quieter model

Joanie M said...

I had one yard sale, years ago and I'll never do it again. I'd rather give it away or put it out for the trash in hopes that someone will retrieve it. The only thing I think I'd want from a yard sale (or garage sale or tag sale) are books.

Jocelyn said...

Ah, ya big Nord-easter. Goofass though you are, you've actually just explained a part of Midwestern culuture to me, one that's eluded me since the transplant (mine to this Midwest, not the kidney thingie): garage sales are a celebration for having lived through the winter. I GET it now.

I've luffed it all along, but I never GOT that part of it.

And now I even GET how to capitalize GOT and GET when I use them. Which is also a Midwestern thing.