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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Freedom: I Can Almost Smell It From Here

Aw, for cryin’ out loud it’s only Tuesday and already I’m feeling the escapist pull of my lover.

Let us call him “Weekend”.

He calls to me in a tangy, salty accent. I can barely hear him over the sound of the steel drums I hear in my head whenever I’m overdue for a vacation, but I call back to him anyway.

What? Well of course! And yes! You know I love your guacamole. Just leave the bowl here, you can swing by and pick it up when you bring me another margarita…

I’m sorry. What now?

My Grandma once advised me: Get all your housework done in the morning so that if your friends want to go into town for lunch, you can join them.

And I remember thinking, can’t I just go anyway?

Well, no. No, you can’t – and I can see that now. It took years, of course, but I’ve been successfully molded into a responsible creature.

We’re the children of the pioneers, dammit! We raise our eyebrows in suspicion at those who “work” from home and who dare to be ill for more than two days in a row. What’s that? You lost the end of your finger in a kitchen accident? Did you try running it under the cold water? You did? What about wrapping it in a towel and hopping nervously from one foot to the other? Did you do that? You did? Shoot! If you can’t get the bleeding under control, you may end up having to see a doctor. Try rubbing some dirt into it again, see if that staunches the blood flow.

But this is no time to jest about one’s health. There’s a three-day weekend coming, and you’re gonna want to be healthy for it.

For those of you outside the US of A, Monday the 25th is Memorial Day, a day of quiet reflection and poetry reading.

Or drunken parking lot fights and the chance to star in new episodes of Cops.

Take your pick. We got all kinds.

In the meantime, you smell that breeze? That’s the smell of three-day freedom, and it’s just a couple of days off the horizon.

And it smells like margaritas and gardening.


darsden said...

Com'on over the margi's are already chilling...want a frozen one or on the rocks :-))

powdergirl said...

You Minnesotans are good little eye-brow raisers!
I love how you start looking forward to the long week-end early. You'll wring every ounce of pleasure out of it, I'm sure!

Pearl said...

On the rocks. The frozen ones give me a headache. :-)

Powdergirl, oh, you got THAT right! We may not say anything, but we will definitely raise our eyebrows at you. Maybe purse our lips disapprovingly...

♥ Braja said...

Wait...did you say margaritas...AGAIN?

I'm in.

De Campo said...

The “pioneer spirit” defense only goes so far. Apparently, it’s not significant justification to establish a margarita bar in the office kitchen….at 9AM….on a Tuesday.

My Command is certainly not of Mayflower stock.

The Retired One said...

Okay, quit making Memorial Day sound like a drunken brawl..go to a cemetary or two and honor our lost ones...and if they are Irish, bring a whiskey bottle and raise a glass or two..that is perfectly okay!

Chris said...

In my case, my good buddy "Weekend" is being followed up quickly by my BFF "Summer Vacation". SV (as I call him) enjoys tons of refreshments, ballgames, and this time around, a cruise! Ain't SV great?

The Jules said...

It's a bank holiday here in England on Monday as well, and no-one goes to work for some reason.

For sentimental reasons, we observe the ancient Saints Days and religious holidays by consuming large quantities of ethanol-based beverages and talking loudly in pubs.

S'practically the law.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

My in-laws (all of them) are showing up this weekend for my daughter's First Communion. They're apparently all staying with me, too.

Tuesday can't get here fast enough.

darsden said...

yea Pearl YOU can't slam the frozen ones brain freeze ;-) so I see you tried LOL

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

We're off to SF!! Its boiling over there...I'll check out the local margarita joints!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

We've got a four day weekend this weekend (Thursday is Christi Himmelfarht - literally Jesus Drives To Heaven Day and Friday is called a bridge day cause most people take it off.) However my hubby just booked his mother a plane ticket this past two minutes to come stay with us starting on Sunday. MEH.

Can I get one of them drinks please???

That Baldy Fella said...

Ah, yes, it's a three day weekend here in the Uk, too. Bank Holiday Monday = Heavy Drinking Sunday. I don't make the rules, I just follow them.

Red Squirrel said...

Bank Holiday Monday + final day of the Premiership season on Sunday = I'll wake up Monday night.

Three day weekends rule. We don't have another until August :(

Michelle said...



Hi Pearly-Q! I been missing you!!!

Let's have a cocktail together!!! Virtually!

Crazy Mo said...

We just had our three-day-weekend celebration in Canada. It's usually a celebration to kick off the summer season. Nothin' like getting drunk at a campsite in the cold and rain. Yee haw!

Joanie M said...

I'll be working 2 of the 3 day weekend. Lucky me.

Mandy's Kidding said...

Mmm. The smell of three-day freedom indeed.

I quiver for it.

Pearl said...

Braja, I did. I did say “margarita” again. :-D And I’m gonna KEEP saying it, too!

deCampo, I’ve been threatening to put a blender in at my desk for years.

Retired One, I gave the vets $20 the other day for a poppy for my jacket. They were quite pleased with that, but I have three nephews, two friends, and a cousin in the Armed Forces (three Marines, two Army, and one Navy). I support them every way I can.
I had enough of cemeteries in my youth and won’t go to one unless forced!

Chris, a cruise?! There will be blogging, yes? Sounds warm. And sunny. You will write on this, yes? My vacation this year will also include a ball game and refreshments…

The Jules, you know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you guys about those “bank holidays”. Here it is: you have too many of them. Seriously. Nah – really I’m just jealous. We have, I believe, seven paid holidays a year. Seven! Worst in the civilized world, I believe… As for the shouting and ever-present drunkening going on during the holidays, I do believe that’s required. I could be wrong there, but – nope. Nope, sorry. I’m not wrong there.

iNDefatigable, you have my heart-felt sympathies. Or perhaps they’re lovely people? Either way, perhaps they’d all like a margarita? :-D

darsden, you know I have tried to slam a margarita! In my younger and far-less-wise days. :-D I’m much smarter now. :-D

Roshni, San Fran? That sounds lovely…

Blogging Mama Andrea, seriously? Jesus Drives to Heaven Day? I am shaking my head right now, slowly. That is one heckuva holiday…

That Baldy Fella, see earlier comment on “bank holidays”. :-D I’m sorry, but it just makes us sad over here, you and your days off. Something will have to be done about it.

Red Squirrel, WHAT?! Another one? I do love the British folk, I most certainly do (at least in theory) but this bank holiday nonsense has to stop. And the next three-day in August? Hmm. I believe we have July 3rd off, but nothing in August. And then a day in September. And then nothing until WE DIE AT OUR DESKS.

Michelle, I raise my virtual glass and – hey! Which one of you guys drank my drink?! MAN. I go to the bathroom – for a minute, mind you! – and someone drinks my drink!!

Crazy Mo, this last weekend was pretty lousy here, too, Canada being, oh, nine hours’ drive, maybe. Cold and rainy. Yay. I, too, drank beer outdoors. Did you tell stories and laugh too much? I hope so – it was the only thing that made the cold bearable.

Pearl said...

Joanie, I'm sorry to hear that. It's wrong. Just wrong.

Mandy, three-day freedom kinda smells like getting home and supper's already made. :-D

Anonymous said...

Margaritas sound good about now. Unfortunately, we won't be able to enjoy any until the weekend. We're broke, but thanks for reminding us what we need to get this weekend: a big-assed margarita. :)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

rock it out sister! i smell what your cooking!

enjoy :)

lizspin said...

I just have to get from here. . . to there. . .

Mamalicious said...

do mom's have to put in for time off or something?!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Oh, yeah! I think I'm gonna like it over here.

thanks for stopping bye, Chris is da man!

Beth said...

I have big plans to try out the blueberry acai vodka with some lemonade. And lay in the yard with a book.

The last day of school for the children is Friday. You have no idea how ready I'll be for that longer weekend.

Anonymous said...


Memorial Day Weekend...

All day sunburn followed by Barbecue!

And NO mowing the lawn...or else!

I'll gladly share that drink with you.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Screw the gardening...let's just have some beer, bs and bar-b-q

Yes, let's...


Peace - Rene

Pearl said...

Unfinishedrambler, oh, I’m a big talker. There’s no margaritas tonight or tomorrow night or – but maybe Saturday. With a grilled steak. And maybe some roasted peppers. :-D

Mouthy Irish, I knew ya would!

Lizspin, shall I send a car? :-D

Mamalicious, unfortunately, moms are not allowed time off for ages and ages, but when they DO get time off – ?!
It was in the fine print – I didn’t notice it either. :-D

Candy’s Daily Dandy, I’m glad! (And yes, he is!)

Beth, you know that sounds really nice. The backyard, a book, a drink with lemons in it. :-D It was 93 degrees today in Minneapolis!

Sweet Cheeks, we will definitely NOT share drinks. You will have a lovely glass, I will have a lovely glass, and we will make Willie run out for Thai food. Or pizza. It won’t really matter. :-D

Rene, yes, let’s. BBQ. Beer on ice. Funky dance tunes. :-D

Kavi said...

Arent you lucky ! 3 day freedom. And that some scent.

For i can smell it all the way here !! :)

Enjoy the planning for fun. And ofcourse, have fun !


sheila said...

Very funny post! Love the throw in of the drunken parking lot fights! America IS great, isn't it? :) lol

Pearl said...

Kavi, I am so glad you smell it as well. :-)

Sheila, well, it takes all kinds, doesn't it? And heaven knows we've got examples of all of them...

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Funny you should suggest a margarita, because my boss informed me yesterday that certain laxatives are completely tasteless in margarita mix.

Not that I'm going to use that information for evil or anything.