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Friday, March 27, 2009

Yet Another Adorable Milestone

In the time-honored tradition of, well, this blog, I bring to you What’s Gonna Happen This Weekend, wherein I use the songs on my iPod during my morning commute to determine the course of the weekend.


Haunt You by The 88
Earth Intruders by Bjork
This is Radio Clash by The Clash
Punkrocker by the Teddybears featuring Iggy Pop
Pull This Blanket Off by The Raconteurs
Red Hot by Jurassic 5
Release It by Morris Day and The Time

Sounds like a funky good time to me! Now everybody: DANCE!

Ladies and gentlemen, cats and kittens, nuts and bolts, once again we’ve made it through the week without any permanent damage.

Or have we?

Me? I’ve sustained nothing permanent, no; and I hope you can say the same.

So! Have I mentioned that I’m co-hosting a puppy shower tomorrow?

Yep. A puppy shower, as in a baby shower or a wedding shower.

What? Why, you ask?

I would love to tell you this long and engaging story about it – in fact, I’ve half a mind to make one up – but the truth is that not everyone has the same milestones.

For some, it’s marriage. Or a baby. Or a baby then marriage.

For some of us, it’s the purchase of a home, the paying-off of a credit card.

And for Erin, for now, it’s a puppy.

And why not? Why wait to celebrate? Look at this puppy!

This is Bailey. Bailey would like to come to your house and test your leather shoes for bite-ability.

There will be decorations, a light dinner, a couple of goofy games with prizes, and there will be punch of both the spiked and non-spiked variety.

And, no Bailey will not be allowed to drink! She’s driving.

Plus she’s only nine weeks old.



rachael chatoor said...

No permanent damage this week, happy to report.

That puppy is way too adorable!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

This is probably inappropriate...wait, it's coming from me...of course it's inappropriate!!!

At my bachelor party, the hottest stripper there was named Bailey. She was a simmering broth of sex. My room mate and I both noted her. Several times.

The weekend after my wedding, it was revealed to both me and my room mate that our respective siblings had both just purchased puppies. And they both named them Bailey. And, no, my brother and his sister did not know each other and lived three states apart.

Also...Damon Bailey is one of my all-time favorite Indiana basketball players.

Pearl said...

Rachael, I am glad to hear it. :-)

Pearl said...

iNDefatigable, hmm! Both inappropriate and informative! I like it!

Scrappy Doo said...

damage? there is always damage. Nothing life ending thank God.

That is some selection on the IPOD.

Puppy shower. To cute!

Jodie Kash said...

I would so come if invited. And in the same time zone.

Pearl said...

Scrappy Doo, the iPod has quite the mix!

Jodie, if you were anywhere near here, you woulda been invited. :-)

naperville mom said...

Oh! What a cutie! Time for celebration, of course:)

Jess said...

PUPPY!!!!! I lurve.

Let's see...this weekend consists of the beach, the strip club and of course lots and lots of beer. Sounds like it is going to be a good one!

Anonymous said...

Cute puppy, but I'm going to have to ask that you keep her away from my shoes.

Michelle said...

I wanna come to the puppy party!!

Can I??

Have fun Pearly-Q!


CSY said...

Since this weekend is going to be NOTHING but rain here in 'Sunny' Florida - I'm gonna be Icy Hotting my knee and LAYING in bed...

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

That is the cutest puppy I've ever laid eyes on. Heck, a shower isn't enough. Have a bath for it!

That wasn't really very funny, was it...

Vic said...

That's a sweet little puppy (until they eat the remote :)

Have a great weekend, Pearl!

mbuna53 said...


Have you fully thought this out?

What will Liza Bean Bitey (of the Minneapolis Biteys) and Dolly G. Squeakers (formerly of the Humane Society Squeakers) think about this? Letting a, GASP!?, dog into their domain?

I think you may pay for this at a later date.

darsden said...

How sweet is that puppy! Rudey dog would love to play...come on over for a play date Bailey. I keep my leather shoes up..but hey there is always the leather sofa, Rudey dogs favorite place to sleep :-)

Eskimo Bob said...

If you told me at the beginning of this week that I would be invited to a dog birthday party and hear of a puppy shower - I would've laughed in your face, probably charged you for taking up my time, and put a hex on your for telling tall tales.

But Tuesday I received an invitation to a one-year 'birthday' party for my friends dog - with a paw signature for weirdness sake.

And well. . . yet another - - milestone.

Have a great weekend Pearl!!

Anonymous said...

Puppies and kitties are so cute! They have to be or we'd kill them before year one from the destruction they cause....

A puppy shower is awesome! But I won't come, because I would get everyone sick.


MS said...

Can I steal your Ipod fortune-telling idea and use it on my blog?

With proper credit given. naturally.

The Retired One said...

One can only hope that doggie poo is not the door prize and that "jump the little puddles" is not your main shower game....
Of course Bailey is adorable, so all would be forgiven.
Don't 'cha just love their little skunk-ey breaths?????

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

OH MY GOOODDD!!! What a cutie!!!! He can come by my house anytime!! (the house is damaged good anyway!!)

Erin is just going to have the time of her life!! Puppy shower makes total sense to me!

powdergirl said...

Hi Pearl,
Cutest puppy! I've been to a shower for a foal and it was great, even the "new mom" got to have a few beverages as she was leaving the feeding up to the birth-mare.
It was fun and different.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

That's me in a nutshell, Pearl: inappropriate and informative!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Awwww, Bailey looks as if the cables behind the TV set may well also be within range of his sharp baby teeth!

Happy Puppy Shower - Any reason for a get-together seems a great one to me!

lizspin said...

I can see the puppy shower thing. . . really!!!!

Pearl said...

Naperville Mom, you and I are in wild agreement!

Jess, you have a helluva weekend planned!

Citizen of the World, we will keep her from your shoes, I promise.

Michelle, if you were anywhere near here, you would totally be invited!

CSY, that does not sound like nearly as much as petting a tiny puppy.

Mary, actually, I thought that WAS funny! A puppy bath. What the heck! Made ME smile anyway!

Vic, she’s warm and wiggly, too. I like that in an animal!

Mbuna, actually, I’m looking forward to the looks on the cats’ faces…

Darsden, aww! There should be a play date!

Eskimo Bob, party on, Garth!

Sweet Cheeks, I hope you get better soon. You’ve been sick to long now, dammit!

MS, absolutely! The power of the iPod compels you!

Retired One, I cannot wait to see what the cats have to say about this little interloper!

Roshni, I think it’ll be fun, too!

Powdergirl, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of these things!

iNDefatigable, I was going to make a joke about the nutshell, but then I thought about how inappropriate (yet, perhaps informative) that would be…

Woman of No Importance, HA! Erin just mentioned the cables to me today!
We’ll have to keep an eye on the li’l bugger.

Lizspin, and they laughed when I suggested it! Maybe we’re on the cutting edge of something here…

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Damage, yes.
Father time will cast vote...


Gods, what other animal absolutely REFUSES to let you stay in the dumps??

Alpha Nut

Pearl said...

Cygnus, a puppy is nature's way of telling you that you're lovable.

Well, not just you. The general "you".

I'm sure you're quite lovable all by yourself.

Wait. Not sure that's what I meant to say...

Kavi said...

Call the hooters. Bring on the cymbals. Wheres the music. Lets have some noise !!!


Salil said...

That's cool. Congrats.
And nice to meet Bailey. She's cute.

nsiyer said...

Pearl, So much for pets and love for them. There's an acquaintance of mine, who started a hospital for dogs,. That was his vision. How different?

Douglas said...

Ah yes, puppies. How can you not love them? Well, shall I mention the newspapers spread throughout the house? That lingering odor or urine and worse? The ruined shoes, slippers, belts, etc? The horrible squeal they make when you step on them "accidentally"? Not to mention the piddling in your lap when you pick them up to get a closer look at those adorable eyes.

"Bah!" I say.

Mari said...

Fantastic playlist!

SweetPeaSurry said...

oh that puppy is indecently adorable!!!

Puppy showers, how cute!