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Saturday, March 14, 2009

You Can Thank Me Later

The ice on the sides of the roads, the sidewalks and the steps, the melt-off from the grass, the thick and thin crusts of winter, have reached the stage of maximum crunch.

I absolutely love this time of year. Winter hasn’t entirely given up, but Spring is edging forward.

I am giddy with excitement, as are all right-thinking Minnesotans; and at this rate, by the time I see a bud on a tree I’ll be positively centrifugal with happiness.

Every day we get a little closer to losing boots and gaining sandals...

When I was a child, I dedicated whole weekends to stomping on the ice, emphatically, for blocks in all directions, clearing it out, kicking it into the middle of the street where it would melt faster. It was my belief that I was influencing things, made me feel I was doing my bit to bring the green back.

I still feel that way, so if you’re looking for me this weekend, I will be that grinning, messy woman goose-stepping down the street, trying to hurry Spring.

It worked as a child, after all.

Ah, March in Minnesota: the brighter sky, the way the days get a little warmer every day, the ability to break off large floes of glacier-like impediments that may or may not have been there since November (I’m thinking of an especially large and potentially lethal ski jump created by a collapsed gutter at the back of the house), it all speaks of one thing.

Time to barbecue.

There are two priced-to-sell (AKA aged) steaks in my fridge waiting for late Saturday afternoon, whereupon they will be introduced to the charcoal grill for four minutes a side. There will be mushrooms, salads, and perhaps a tasty beverage – I cannot say.

Summer is coming, my friends; and tonight? We dance!


Under the Influence said...

I've been trying to "force" spring by having my kids wear shorts if it's going to be 60 degrees or more (which has only happened about TWO times so far). It's the same premise as stomping on the snow/ice and kicking it into the road...

Lisa said...

we are leaving summer and moving head first into beautiful autumn - cant wait to swap the sandles for the boots !!

darsden said...

Bring It...! How did your evening go Pearl? Between you and Braja I have been mentally busy! Crank up the tunes Let's dance it off!

The Retired One said...

Living in the U.P. of Michigan, I hear ya. How do you explain to southerners the passage of winter into spring? That we rake our snow out so it melts faster in the yard? That we play Frisbee in shorts on the first day it hits over 55 degrees? I can't WAIT!!!!

Douglas said...

Down here we are moving from Spring into Swelter. We only have two seasons here. Spring (which has a few of those freezes still left in it) to Summer (which is all heat wave). Tell Retired One that you don't have to explain the passage of Winter to Spring, most of us are transplants down here. We are here because of the transition from Fall into Winter. Because we prefer two seasons. Because we prefer sandals and shorts to boots and overcoats. Keep the snow, the ice, the ugly slush, the ice storms, the frozen puddles, the slippery sidewalks, the very cold mud of early Spring and Late Winter (and the Fall), the beautiful Fall leaves that end up covering the ground in an ugly brown and must be raked, the frozen pipes, the high heating bills, the chapped lips, the air so cold it hurts your lungs.
I like it warm.

derfina said...

What Douglas said!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I grilled chicken the other night, then complemented it with steamed vegetables in a light sauce along with some broccoli and cheese rice and some pineapple for a rounded, sweetly tart flair.

It was awesome.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Good morning Pearl,

Yes, lets usher in the Spring! I remember visiting my brother one winter on the campus of Winona State; I've never returned to Minnesota.

I trust that the reading last night was gloriously successful. A touch of Spring, steaks and barbeque hint of a celebratory mood.


Akelamalu said...

I followed your link from Citizen's blog - is Pearl your real name? I only ask because Pearl is my name and I have only ever met two other people with this name in my entire life (almost 60 years)!

Spring is on the way here too, we have crocus and daffodils already. :)

Mary Moore said...


I'm loving this time of year too. Lots of snow on the ground still, but you can feel the spring coming just around the corner.

Jess said...

I do love Spring! Thankfully mine comes sooner than later!

Frank said...

Awe, the sacrificial offering to the Spring Gods!!! As always, I must support my friend Pearl! I have purchased the sacrifice (baby back ribs), I have properly anointed them (their soaking in marinade), I will put on the Priestly garb (my best Hawaiian shirt), and I will begin the offering later today. All in your honor of course.

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

hehehe!! And, WE stay in San Diego. ahem!

Michelle said...



Trying to hurry spring!!! PERFECT!!!

And why can't you say what beverage will be included at the bar-be-q???

I wanna know please!!!!

Your the bestest!!!!

citizen of the world said...

I am one to hurry spring, too. I was walking around in the cold drizzle today picking out a couple of azalea bushes to replace to hat died. I'm planting them tomorrow, rain or no rain.