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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sit Down! Sit Down!

Hey! Come sit by me, wouldja? We’ve got a friendly competition going on at my house, and I think you’d be perfect for it.

Cash Cab! Have you seen this show?

Thirteen thousand taxis in New York and you just may be lucky enough to get into the one hosting a trivia contest. One is questioned all the way to the destination, they pay $25, $50, and $100 for correct answers with a chance for double-or-nothing upon arrival. The ride is free, provided you do not get three questions wrong.

Three questions wrong and they kick you out.

Three questions wrong at our house and you have to go sit out on the porch.

“Willie! Willie, it’s starting!”

I do love my trivia.

“Willie! Get in here! Which political party recommends the legalization of marijuana?”

Willie fears my trivia ferocity. I have, after all, been known to shout at the TV.

“Willie! A staple of cruise ships, what game penalizes players for sliding their disks onto trapezoidal –“

“For cryin’ out loud, Pearl! I’m not playing!”

Oh, he’s playing. He just doesn’t know it.

I love trivia games: a chance to show off my massive brain.

“Willie! According to its slogan what soft jam-filled Nabisco cookie prefers to be called “fruit and cake”?

Oooh! Wait! This one I know!

OK. So maybe I don’t have a massive brain. And maybe if Willie’s not in the room I shouldn’t screech the questions at him.

But still! Come on! It’s Cash Cab!


underOvr (aka The U) said...


You are without a doubt a very enthusiastic woman. Willie is quite fortunate.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Michelle said...



Yay, i got one right!!!

HVD TY!!!!

darsden said...

Funny I was watching that yesterday. The couple won 1100 tried to double or nothing, he had 2 answers and chose the wrong one.

Happy Valentine's Day, "My" Pearl

rachael said...

I'd LOVE to catch that cab!

Happy V-day Pearl!

derfina said...

My dad is addicted to this show, but I've never seen it. When I asked him to describe it all he could say was that it was like Jeopardy in a cab. Now it all makes much mo' betterer sense. (And...My ride woulda been free.)

Leah said...

Oh, I hope I get into a trivia cab one of these days!

Without the trivia, a NYC cab ride is just like being dumped unceremoniously into an overpriced industrial sized clothes dryer...

Braja said...

Pearl, put that bottle down...

Douglas said...

Sheesh! I got two out of three. Fig Newtons???? Makes sense.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Pearl, If you and I were both in the cab and sober we would kick ass!

Peace - Rene

Jeanne said...

All I've ever gotten out a New York cab ride is scared shitless. I can't imagine combining that with trying to concentrate on questions.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

But are the questions in English or the driver's native tongue?

Anonymous said...

I love Cash Cab! What surprises me the most is how much people actually DO know...

And I would never guess who'll get it right by looking.

What a strange show...but pretty funny.

Happy Valentine's Day Pearly Q!

The Retired One said...

Oh Lord, I would be in deep shit. I always freak out when trying to play Trivia.....they might as well just have me lay down in the street and drive the cab over me, back up and do it again...it would save me the thousand deaths I go thru when playing trivia!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Shuffleboard and fig newtons??

No idea on the other one. We have the UK version of cash cab here and it's super funny. :)

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Oh me too! I am awesome at trivia, my husband won't even play with me any more. I came by it naturally though. When my parents were alive, they used to watch game shows nearly all day long and we all played along. Fun times!

Lisa said...

sounds intriguing !

SweetPeaSurry said...

You should go to New York, and watch for taxis expelling people. YAY!!!

fingers said...

I was in NYC last month.
I got into a cab and the driver asked 'How are you today, Sir ??'
I said, 'Good.'
'Where are you going ??' he asked.
'Wall Street thanks,' I answered.
'You think it'll rain today ??' he asked.
'No idea...I'm a currency trader not a meteorologist...but that's three questions and I got them all correct so gimme my f*cking money.'

That's when he pulled a gun on me...