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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of Course It’s Off The Record! or Actually, I’m Writing It Down So I Can Type It Up Later…

That’s right. I'm writing this Saturday afternoon, but it's still Friday night in my head…

Yes, things have come to dire straits for the people who smoke when they drink.
Yet we stubbornly press on in our insistence that nothing goes quite so well with a beer as a cigarette, knowing full well that it’s below zero outside.

We are determined not to let common sense or freezing flesh stop us from polluting ourselves in the fashion of our own choosing.

Hey, said Vin (aka Our Brit). Why don’t we all rent a room, everyone pile in, and we’ll smoke as many fags as we like!

Hey, I said. What you do in a room you’ve paid for is up to you, but I’ll stick with cigarettes.

(This is what passes for humor when the goodwill – and the beer – is flowing.)

So in a move that has surprised no one, the completely sincere and mostly drunk at the 331 Friday night decided that the best thing to do when faced with overwhelming governmental oversight and a number of beers is to make plans to check into a hotel in Wisconsin – land of the lawless – and talk, laugh, drink, and smoke ourselves silly.

Of course it’s bad for you! Of course we exaggerate! For cryin’ out loud, people, we’ve been drinking!

And yet there you have it. The Boy’s band will be playing in Wisconsin in just a couple weeks and we are thinking that the optimal use of our time/brain cells/money would be to check into a casino hotel and see what kind of damage we can do.

Will we really do it? That remains to be seen; but if we do, I just may have to take pictures. They know who they’re dealing with!

They see me taking notes!


The Retired One said...

you SMOKE? Oh, Pearl...say it isn't so!!!
No wonder your hat ran away! Probably needed to get fresh air.
The casino is the perfect place to go then...it is filled with such a blue fog that you can't even see the slot machines. And anyone going there has to fumigate their clothes upon return.
Oh well...even though you smoke, your blog SMOKES..so I will still remain a loyal reader!!!

darsden said...

Oh boy a road trip can't wait! This should be a lot of fun! I'll bring the mary's!

IB said...

There's no time I miss smoking more than when I'm drinking...and I'm usually drinking.

Rock on Pearl!


derfina said...

Sounds like a plan!

The Jules said...

That's the problem with booze - it makes fags and kebabs SO much more appealing!

Also, fags and kebabs.

rachael said...

SO funny, its so amusing how we talk ourselves into trouble after a few........... Made me laugh, thank you!

Steve said...

I do hope we're talking good old fashioned taxable nicotine here, young lady! ;-)

Jeanne said...

When I lived in the Cities, my favorite band was The Dweebs. That's been nearly 13 years ago -- do they still perform? (And why am I asking you, when I could look it up on the Web?)

Douglas said...

The drink excuses the cigarette and the cigarette excuses the drink. I never could understand this incessant need to regulate people's behavior in matters of health. No smoking in bars? What a silly concept. There's nothing healthy about being in a bar in the first place. Protect the non-smokers from second hand smoke? Why not just ban them from the bars? Makes more sense.
There, and endorsement from former smoker and anti-smoking advocate. certified. I quite 38 1/2 years ago.

Douglas said...

I gotta get a new keyboard, the typos are getting really bad.

Anonymous said...

snicker...you said fags...snicker
(yes, I know you mean cigs, its just funny)

Under the Influence said...

I gave up smokes right after college, but I still love a good drink! However, I occasionally think "a cigarette would be really great right now" when having drinks in a bar with great music.

fingers said...

The upside of being banished to the street by the Fascist-wowser-anti-smoking-lobby is that you can take just one ciggie out with you and then tell all the bludging social smokers who try and hit you up for one that you left your pack inside...

SweetPeaSurry said...

You should do it, what a fun time! As a matter of fact, I may see about doing that with some pals around here. Although, we could just all congregate at my apartment. I think I have enough pillows for everyone to sit on.

I know I don't have enough couch space!!!

Mary Moore said...

Go for it! If I wasn't allergic to cigs and need 11 hours of sleep a night, I'd come along... :o)

Ann's Rants said...

Make a RU-un for the borderrrr! And keep heading south on 1-94 to meet your loyal bloggy-cheeseheads!!!! Exclamation Point!

De Campo said...

The lawless state of Wisconsin; all that stands between us and those savage Canadians. Try reveling in indoor tobacco with that looming on the horizon.

Michelle said...

So a bourbon perhaps???

It's all the rage i hear!!! Notice how i said, i hear!!!

Now i want a bourbon!!!



Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

I'm with Rants! Where is that Boy playing??? We could have a mini BlogHer convention on our hands if you are coming to Madison!!

Pearl said...

Retired One, I only smoke when I drink. Not during breaks, not in the car, not after meals. But when I've had a couple?!

darsden, and wouldn't you know that a bloody always sounds good?!

IB, I don't mean to tease you...

derfina, you wouldn't believe how many plans I make while drinking. :-)

The Jules, that one made me LOL.

rachael, I am just so damn easy going (in general) and even more so after drinking. Wheeee! Everything sounds like fun!

Steve, if ya can't tax it, I don't want it!

Jeanne, I actually know who you're talking about and have not heard of them recently. Not that that means anything. I used to be way more up on the local music than I am now...

Douglas, my friend, you are absolutely right.

Sweet Cheeks, there's nothing sillier than being drunk and having someone ask you if you'd care to step outside for a fag.

Under the Influence, yeah, you know it's nothing I'm proud of or hope I can continue indefinitely, but a pack of smokes usually lasts me a good two weeks -- not to mention that I'll give them away because I bum from my friends when I'm out... sigh. I hate when I do that, but luckily I'm drunk at the time...

fingers, I must admit that I have been known to bum off of friends -- but I always get them back! I know what you mean, though. I've had complete strangers ask me for cigarettes -- and sometimes, I give them to them!

SweetPea, I love road trips. Honestly. I just wish I had more hotel money -- I like waking up in my own room!

Mary Moore, Maybe something during the daytime?

Ann, if they ever get anywhere near Madison, I will definitely let you know!

Michelle, you have a bourbon, I'll have a beer, and I'll promise to not blow smoke in your face. :-)

Amy, I think they're playing in Prescott, but I need to check. But if they do come to Madison, I will let you and Ann know. :-)

The Retired One said...

Did you say you "only" smoke when you drink?
Hmmmmmmmm....pretty much all the time, then?????????
(Don't deny it, I have your blogs to prove it!)