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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If You Love Me, You’ll Make Pie

Having grown up pre-fast-food-availability, not to mention with parents who believed processed foods to be the work of The Devil (or at least to be foods in service of the minor Demons of Blandness), I am here to tell you that for me, the preparation of food is love, in the same way that clean clothes or a made bed is love.

If you love me, you’ll make a cherry pie.

Since guest-blogging for Eskimo Bob a couple weeks ago, I’ve had this idea of a home-made cherry pie in my head.

It haunts me.

Now, for you, maybe, it’s not cherry pie. Maybe it’s a lovely lasagna, or a loaf of bread fresh from the oven.

Maybe it’s a Broadway pizza.

I get that. For some, it’s a specific pizza, take-out from a special restaurant, or, for those with beer in the fridge and a gastronomical sense of humor, a large sack of White Castles.

For me, it’s a piece of really good cherry pie. Warm. With a little ice cream.

That’s why this is a short post. I’m off to make pie.

Don’t hate me because I have pie.


darsden said...

Oh yummie please may I have a piece of pie.

Childhood flash back of always having to eat fish sticks and french fries! If I even see fish sticks I start shaking.

I think I can smell that pie ;-)

Bee said...

I totally agree with your parents . . . and you. Some people think that homemade is a waste of their time, but my tastebuds are very important to me. Food IS love, people!

IB said...

"If You Love Me, You’ll Make Pie"

Personally I'm an apple-pie man. Warm with a little ice-cream. Sweet Jesus!

Have a good day, Pearl

Ryan (LWM) said...

Please deliver said pie. Those of us forced to rot in Texas need it.

Pearl said...

darsden, I just may have to have a pie sale to get to India next winter. Yikes!
Oh, and sorry about the fish sticks. I feel the same way about instant oatmeal.

Bee, it's a great thing to pass along to children, too, the ritual of preparing food and eating it together.
Unless it's my cherry pie. We don't eat that together. Get your own. :-)

IB, I stand by your right to love the apple pie. It's a perfectly cromulent pie.

Ryan, I am sorry to hear about your being forced to be in Texas. :-) Have only been there once (Dallas) and thought it was a giant parking lot of some sort. On the other hand, I DID have some of the best BBQ I'd ever had while there...

Bella@That damn expat said...

I love both cooking and baking. My husband loves to cook.
What can I say? I love in bliss.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I love cherry pie. I'm jealous!

sticky said...

I completely agree. We do almost everything homemade and it feels like love, everytime...

In fact, come on over I'll make you pie!

Kavi said...

That sounds yum !


Eskimo Bob said...

Mmmm Cherry Pie
Cool drink of water
Such a sweet surprise.
Tastes so good
Makes a grown man cry.
Sweet cherry pie.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

How could anyone hate a woman who loves cherry pie?

"Everybody doesn't like something but nobody doesn't like cherry pie"

When I get home, I gotta do my thang (i.e., dessert baking thang) now.

Thanks for the inspiration Pearl,


Douglas said...

`Cause nothin's too good for my baby
(for my baby)
For my baby
(For my baby)

Sugar baby
(sugar baby)
Cause nothin's too good for my baby
(for my baby)
`Cause my baby's so good and kind to me.
And for I'd learn to bake a pie.

Pearl said...

Bella, you are a lucky woman!

Smart Mouth Broad, it’s pie time!

Sticky, that’s why people come over and hang out in the kitchen. Always feels like something good is going to happen in there! (and thanks for the offer of pie!)

Kavi, you can’t go wrong with cherries.

Eskimo Bob, now I’ve got that lousy video in my head…

underOVR, glad to do it. Hope your dinner – and your dessert – is lovely.

Douglas, Love it. :-)

Steve said...

Pie makes the world go round. For me it's chocolate fudge cake. That floats my boat big time.

kimber p said...

I am a very good cook and baker, but I can't seem to get pies right. My mom makes a killer apple pie that has to be featured at every holiday table and at least one birthday party...
so more power to you on that cherry pie :)

Pearl said...

Steve, oh, sure. You have to trot out the fudge cake. Dammit. Now I have to make a cake, too.

kimber p, I've found that the secret for the cherry pie is to never buy the pre-made filling but to buy the cherries already pitted and work from there. Tastes way better than pre-made.

Ian Lidster said...

I don't hate you but I envy you because you have pie. I actually make a pretty mean pie myself, whit rhubarb custard being a particular favorite.

The Retired One said...

Warm, homemade raspberry pie is my favorite. Next favorite?: warm wild apple pie. Must be wild apples with that slightly sour tang...excuse me, while I wipe the slobber from my lips from these sinful thoughts. I think I have to go to confession now, and I am no longer a practicing Catholic. (besides, how does one practice at being Catholic?) Never mind...don't go there..........

darsden said...

Me again Pearl, I will share my cherry dessert if you will share yours with me ;-)

Pearl said...

Ian, you had me at "custard".

Retired One, you can practice all you want. Small desserts are allowed -- just don't enjoy it too much. :-)

darsden, are you coming on to me? :-)

darsden said...

No, silly Woman! *Blushing* I actually had posted some cherries earlier this week missy. Had you bothered to come visit after the bus ride home the other night you would have seen them :-) (but I also see Why you would suspect me after all I stalk you to work everyday *smirk* and it would be my nature..so good pickup there Pearlie)

Braja said...


Michelle said...


I now want pie for my breakfast, lunch and perhaps dinner too!!!

Different kinds of course. With or without icecream!!!

Warm from the oven!!! Yeah like i am going to start baking now!!! Perhaps, you can bake me a pie

Happy Hump Day!!!

Pearl said...

dar, I'm glad I made you blush. I think everyone should blush now and then. :-)

Braja, I know, right?! PIE!

Michelle, if I were anywhere near where you are, we would have pie. And coffee. And ice cream. Yes. Pie, ice cream, and coffee. And a nice little tawk. :-) Happy Hump Day right back atcha!

Rachel Tamed said...

What I think we all need in life is someone who knows that taking us out to dinner does not impress us nearly as much as serving a homemade pie for dinner would. I hate seeing this whole generation (which unfortunately includes myself) of children and parents who cannot go a week without a trip to the drive through. I shudder when I see fast food at the moment, but I feel for all of the families that grow addicted to it each day.