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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wherein I Temporarily Swear Off Alcohol

William Throckmorton the Third – Big Willie, as he’s known by those who know –pointed out to me this morning that the majority of my bloggings have made reference to alcohol.

Which is funny, considering that today’s topic is my overwhelming and well-deserved hangover.

Ohhhhhhhhhh. Let’s go to the 331, says I. Let’s have another beer, says I. Come on! There’s time for one more, says I.


And now I seem to be missing bits of my skull; not because I’ve found them lying about the house but because, clearly, I am not the woman today that I was yesterday.

Today’s Pearl is 45% slower witted, 75% more mascara-caked, and 100% sure she won’t be having another beer for quite some time.

Numbers are estimated and not to be used for gambling purposes.

On the plus side, an evening of laughter, true stories and sub-zero cigarettes with Amy, Becky, Kathy, Pam, and Pat is something worth paying for, even if it may have been with brain cells…

I may want to re-think that.


Braja said...

Willy's onto something...many of your posts are sounding the same :) Well, at least once a week. Which when you break it down isn't that bad. Actually...hey y'know what, you're doin' really well if you average it out and...

IB said...

I haven't noticed you have a propensity toward mentioning drinking/alcohol. That could be because I have no short-term memory. I wonder why that is...(?)

Is it too early for a beer?


justsomethoughts... said...

perhaps big willie would like a drink himself...

100% is a lot of percents. but i'm sure you'll knock that down quite a bit by, say, wednesday evening sometime.

missing bits of skull is not cool. especially with the cold weather setting in. you might catch a little something. wear a hat till it all falls/grows back into place.

love your blog.

speaking about being drunk, my word verification is "cabluv" for all those keeping score at home.

The Retired One said...

Ahh....the blessed Christmas season hang-over....
It isn't a BAD thing, is it?
Isn't it just, well....."tradition"?

BTW....the keyboard you were typing on (furiously) earlier to do your blog? Are you SURE it was the keyboard????...........

Well...let's just say----it may be the reason for your hubby's slapping your behind this morning with that sly smile and wink.....


derfina said...

Uh...Isn't it almost time for Misfits Christmas?

Kavi said...

Sounds like fun ! And fun sometimes is better off without the brain !

I think so. Really !

Steve said...

But isn't alcohol used in medicine?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Pearl...Post drinking regret is just like Fog...Its the worst in the morning and burns off through the day - so that by dinner time you feel pretty darn good and even laugh about it.

Lee said...

I thought red wine was supposed to be good for you. Antioxidants or somesuch.

Pearl said...

Braja! Take that back! :-) ;-D

Hey, IB.
I appreciate the support -- and where will you be having that beer???

Hi, Justsomethoughts,
I'm thinking by Wednesday I might be having a glass or two. Will be making manicotti and a caponata and some other delightfully Italian things for Christmas and I'm not sure one is allowed to make Italina food without a drink...
Thanks, btw, and I'm glad you do.

Retired One, I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

Hi, Derfina.
Actually, it IS. Have to get in touch with a friend about that...

Hi, Kavi.
And isn't that the truth? Honestly, sometimes it's best NOT to think. Not as a rule, of course, but a small vacation from one's self...

Hi, Steve.
Absolutely. It was entirely medicinal.

Hi, Sweet Cheeks.
You say the cleverest things. :-) It WAS a fog. Of course, it was an all-day kinda fog...

Hi, Lee.
Red wine makes my brain shrivel up and knock against my skull almost immediately, whereas beer does almost the same thing but takes longer. :-)


Sheila said...

Aahhh.......Yes, those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end..........!
How I thought I knew everything too! So be very careful my friends! Alcohol literally carried me through 2 marriages from Hell, until I found the man of my dreams, who I'd met 30 yrs prior, when it raised its ugly head !!!!
Killed my new husband, after only 3years, then destroyed my health !
So while you're all celebrating this precious season, please beware of Satans Minions, in full force, pretty much now & forever !
God Bless you all...........!!

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

nothing worse than bits of skull feeling like they are actually lodged in your brain.... but it would have to be even worse than that to make me regret the fun times that a bit too much to drink can produce. :)