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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Salon Day, or Why Yes, I’d be Happy to Pay You to Touch Me

Saturday was Salon Day at my house, a day dedicated to women who converge on the house, treats and Bloody Mary fixin’s in hand, ready to pay for professionally rendered services at prices that don’t make you weep.

And don’t let your imagination run too wild there – we’re talking facials and pedicures.

I mean, I don't know what you were thinking when I said "professionally rendered services", but it ain’t that kind of party!

Oh. You weren't thinking that? Must be me...

As a quick aside, have I mentioned yet how fabulous my toes look?

Well, they do.

And no, I can’t paint them myself. That would make sense, sure; but where’s the fun in that, and who the hell would jump up and get me another Bloody?

Because, you see, it’s not really about the actual services, is it? It’s more about the laughs, about the camaraderie, about my face being lovingly massaged with expensive-smelling oils while just 10 feet away, the rest of the crew is drinking and rooting through the Christmas cookies. It’s about comparing lives in ridiculous and amusing ways. It’s about the victory dance done by the eater of the last of the coveted Layered Taco Dip. It’s about the threat – only partially in jest – to lick the platter of the remnants of said Layered Taco Dip.

And now, I truly need a nap but am on my way out the door for an evening of sushi with a person who makes me laugh until I fall off furniture. It’s true. Like one of those Fainting Goats, a hearty laugh causes me to go limp and yet somehow spastic, something that should prove to be humorous in itself whilst chopsticking a Dynamite Roll.

And have I told you yet how fabulous my toes are looking?

'Cause they do.


darsden said...

That sounded like a lot of fun... I actually have to confess I went there and way further.. (youknowIgotstogothereakapurv)

Sarah Gostrangely said...

What a great idea...def want one when I get home...sounds deelightful.

What's a Fainting Goat btw?

I think I'd like one.

derfina said...

*peers past the cornrowed leg hair* yup. Time for MY annual toe grooming. Thanks for the reminder!

Patricia said...

Love Salon Day! Wish I didn't have to leave early... When's the next one??

Love getting my toes done, even on a cold winter's day where nobody gets to see them! Although, do you know, I removed my socks and boots twice yesterday at my "professional event" to show off my toes?!

Having exfoliated and painted toes sorta makes everything (even the cold) seem more jolly, somehow. Dontcha think?

Socks off (get it? Instead of Hat's off!) to our lovely nail tech and esthetician!

Patricia said...

oh, and socks off to YOU, our host!

De Campo BC said...

A little FYI, never walk into a salon and make the announcement “Now who wants to touch me?!?!”

They will inevitably take it out of context and call the authorities. Just saying…

De Campo BC said...

Wait…I thought you were talking about a saloon.

Well, I’m relatively sure that it won’t go over well there either.

Kavi said...

Sounds like fun ! my toe grooming hasnt gone beyond the usual clipping of nails ! :(

So..this seems like a huge filip to look in that direction...

Hmm..you seem to be giving me loads of ideas !!

Ann's Rants said...

Pearl, I would kill for a bloody mary right now WITH the beer chaser. I bet most of these readers won't know what the hell I'm talking about. Its a Sconnie thing and its the only way to go. In fact, I could use a few laughs, too. Let's meet in Eau Claire.

mbuna53 said...

My, your toes do look very nice today. Did you do them yourself?

Daisy said...

Wow, that sounds like truly festive pampering and fun- such a great idea, I wonder if I can find some French facialists to come to ours?! And Bloody Mary's? Amazing plan.

KMcJoseph said...

I can honestly say that I cannot relate to anything in this post...except the Sushi.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time - as long as the person rendering the services hasn't been drinking first...or your toes might not be so pretty. :)

Pearl said...

Hey, Darsden.
Eek! :-) Well, I was hoping SOMEone would!

Hi, Sarah.
The Fainting Goats are these little goats that go stiff in the legs when frightened and fall over. They're small goats. I wonder what kind of pet they'd be?!

Hi, Derfina.
Yep. I clean my feet up once a year myself, whether they need it or not. :-)

Hi, Patricia.
I had fun, too. Next one? Let me finish cleaning up after this one and we'll tawk. :-)

Hi, De Campo DC.
Oh, sure. NOW you tell me. Where were ya Saturday night when I needed ya?

Hi, Kavi.
I thoroughly recommend pedicures for everyone. Nice clean toes/nails, a lovely massage.
Feet are our friends. :-)

Hi, Ann!
Really? YOu know, I may have reason to be in Sconnie in April. :-)

Hi, Mbuna,
Well, no! I had them done. But thanks for noticing!

Hi, Daisy.
Honestly, the best way to do it, if you don't have a friend/friendly person in the industry, perhaps they have cosmetic schools in France where the students would be interested in cash? It's so much fun!

Hi, KMcJ.
You should try it, if only once.
:-) It makes you feel very civilized.


Pearl said...

Hi, Sweet Cheeks.
No. The service providers don't drink -- but they do sneak a snack or two!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

*SIGH* it sounds like it was just lovely!!!!!and?


Braja said...

How did I miss this? And where are the photos of your toenails?

Tami said...

I think it'd be pretty funny if the service providers drank...you wouldn't know WHAT kind of toes you'd walk out with.

Brother Tobias said...

Ii's maybe because I've just finished 'Big Stone Gap' by Adriana Trigiani, but that whole girlie social thing is something you guys do so well. A church bazaar or a tupperware party is about as close as women get in the YuK. Makes me almost nostalgic for the wide-streeted, diner, soda-store and courthouse strewn small-town America that I know only through your literature! Anyway, half of us probably can't even reach our own toes.