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Saturday, November 29, 2008

It’s Time for the Misfit Holidays, or Can't Talk Now: Hungover.

Wherein I Check in Briefly to Tell You That I Can’t Stay.

Frankly, my friends, I was up all night hootin’ and hollerin’, hopped up on turkey gravy and beer.

I was not alone.

Last night was Night One of the beginning of the Misfit Holidays.

Do you have the Misfit Holidays where you are? It’s never too late to start celebrating them you know!

And just a quick word, if I may, on the afore-mentioned turkey gravy. That one word? Fabulous.

Not long ago, I mentioned my desire to be buried (upon my death, of course!) in a Tupperware container full of buffalo sauce (hot sauce and butter).

At this point, I would like to amend that request to turkey gravy.

Yes. I would like to be buried in turkey gravy.

And maybe a little mashed potatoes.

But this isn’t about that! Let’s get back to the holidays.

A Misfit Holiday – in this case, Misfit Thanksgiving – is the same holiday as observed elsewhere but with an emphasis on inebriation. Misfit Thanksgiving includes a mountainous turkey dinner with all the expected side dishes, platters of hors d’oeuvres, beers in the porch (Nature’s cooler), hot-and-cold-running karaoke, and lots of hugging and kissing.

As the short chick in the movie Poltergeist said, “All are welcome”.

At any rate, Willie and I had roughly 25 people over last night. There was drinking, there was dancing, there was smoking on the porch, and at one point, there was a certain woman – who shall remain nameless – who sang Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”.


And today? Let’s just say that I’m a subdued and mellow person today with a lot of sleep to catch up on.

Hoping all your Holidays are Misfit Holidays,

Your Pearl


mbuna53 said...

Sounds like it was fun, wish I had een feeling better so I could have joined ya all. We going to get more details when you are over your hungover? I'll try and keep it down till you are feeling better.

ICKY said...

Had a great time. The food was incredible. Always have a good time when you have a party. Really looking forward to the next one....or blody's at the Spring, which ever happens first.

Pearl said...

Hey, Mbuna.
You know, it's difficult to relate a party well, so doubt I will try to recreate.
Sorry you couldn't make it! We had a couple others cancel because of illness as well, but we soldiered on!

Pearl said...

Hey, Icky!
I had a lot of fun, too! Sorry you missed the karaoke, though. Weren't you going to sing "Baby Love" by the Supremes?

Ann's Rants said...

LOL at "as the short-chick" comment. I raise my gravy-boat to you. Cheers you zoologer (word verification)!

KMcJoseph said...

"This house...is clean."

Nice post mifit.

Heinous said...

Can you have a holiday without alcohol? I think I would be disowned.

Braja said...

Sounds like The Waltons on crack...

Lyndsay said...

LOL ... totally need to incorporate the Misfit Holiday tradition around these parts.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Pearl we had 30!!!

No Ace of Spades renditions but plenty of Silence of The Lambs quotes.

Chief among them being "Wouldja?"
said like the Buffalo Bob character
and used whenever a favor was needed.

"Help me bring out the garbage, wouldja?

You gotta know my whacked-assed family to love them.

Peace - Rene

derfina said...

*snort* You weren't kidding about our posts being similar today. What is it about Misfits Thanksgiving that brings out our inner karaoke 'artist'? Oh, never mind. I remember now...

Pearl said...

Hi, Ann.
And a hearty hoist of gravy to you, too!

KMcJ, I aims to please.

Hey, Heinous.
I know! Can you imagine?! :-)

Hi, Braja.
No crack, but that beer ain't gonna drink itself, ya know!

Hi, Lyndsay.
Misfit Holiday franchises are available at all places silly people gather. Do it!

Rene, it sounds like fun! We tend to quote music/musicians, but there's movie quotes in there as well.

Derfina, I am SO MUCH a better singer once I've had a beer or five. :-)


Brother Tobias said...

Could you keep the sound down please, all of you? We're five hours plus ahead of you over here, and most of us had a very disturbed night with all that partying going on over the pond.

Blue Blaze Irregular #1 said...

Too hungover to comment in depth, but...Motorhead. Nice.

a mouthy irish-catholic woman said...

dearest pearl,

ace of spades? that was ME! only in a charlotte church-ish opera voice.

and my burial involves sweet potato base with pecan brown sugar topping.

with butter.

happy holiday celebrations!

SassyTwoSocks said...

Sometimes I feel like every day is a Misfit Holiday. But thank you, for making me validated.

Susan said...

It sounds like SO MUCH FUN. I'm envious! Glad you had a happy holiday and I think I'd like to be buried next to you.

Anonymous said...

Turkey gravy...Yummy! If I'm ever sick in the hospital on Thanksgiving - I'm demanding my potatoes and gravy I.V.

Pearl said...

HI, Brother Tobias.
Hey! You were invited!! We saved all kinds of fancy beer for you. :-)

Hey, Blue Blazer.
I feel ya. I was a good 20 to 25% slower yesterday.

I.C. Woman, I would give a lot to hear anything Lemy sings in a Charlotte Church voice. :-) And the sweet potato dish you mention? I'd never had it that way until the night of the party. Mary brought some and people LICKED the dish clean...

HI, Sassy.
I do what I can. :-)

Hi, Susan.
It was. :-) And there's plenty of room next to me!

Hey, Sweet Cheeks.
Oh, man! Is there anything better than turkey gravy?! Mmmmm.


Sarah Gostrangely said...

Hi Pearl,

Party sounds fab. Anything with gravy sounds fab.

Re: Misfit Celebration, in Ireland every holiday falls under that category of getting langers and partying. Christmas, Hallowe'en, Easter, Good Friday (especially GF), christenings and funerals.

One step better is if skip the holy parts altogether and just wake up drunk. That's my Xmas of preference.

Have stopped by (dirty leer here, plus aul fella wink).

Nice Blog Pearl!