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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Small Pampering

I’m a sucker for pampering. Facials, massages, pedicures – would I like one? The answer to that question will always be “Yes, please”.

That’s right. I’m happy to pay someone to touch me.

In the interest of spreading the love, a group of friends and I, a good dozen years ago, hired professionals to come to the house, invited 20-some women and threw a party. It's become something of a tradition. The host house supplies Bloody Mary fixin’s, everybody brings a dish to pass, and we basically sit around in comfortable (read: elastic waistbands) clothes, tell jokes, and talk smart.

I believe we’ve solved a number of the world’s problems during these Salon Days; but as there is alcohol involved, no one remembers how we did it.

We either have to drink less or hire a court reporter. Why isn’t anybody writing this stuff down?

Since the initial Salon Day, we’ve done it maybe three times a year for the last 12 years. We can’t always afford something as silly as a day of doing nothing but sitting around relaxing and pampering ourselves; but it’s a small thing to make us feel good, a communal thing, a potentially tipsy and hilarious thing. Not to mention that you can pay someone to touch you.

Have you ever had a facial? Oooh, do it. Find someone who does it cheap. (Schools are good for this.)

The next Salon Day is in December, and we’re having it at my house, which means that I’ll have to clean it. No one’s catching me with that pile of dirty clothes that mysteriously accumulates on my bedroom floor during the work week…

Show of hands now: who wants a pedicure? I do – even in the winter in Minnesota. I go to yoga three/four times a week, which means that three/four hours a week I’m seeing an awful lot of my toes. Have you taken a good look at my feet lately?

Seriously! Why hasn’t someone done something about the condition of my feet?


Not The Rockefellers said...

I sooo want to be pampered. And while I was away at a spa ( more like a vocational technical school )getting pampered I would love to have my house cleaned.a

All is bliss!

Peace - Rene

Eric S. said...

Nothing wrong with a little pampering for yourself, especially if friends are involved. Just makes it that much better. Great idea.

Pearl said...

Rene, that's a fabulous idea!

I agree, Eric. Everything is better when your friends are involved. :-)


Lilly's Life said...

Pearl, a woman after my own heart.

I actually used to run Girls Nights Out in a club in the UK. They were the best fun but try 120 women at a time. We had cocktails, music, clarivoyants, makeup, massage, jewellery, lingerie - anything and everything that women loved. Let's say by the end of the night there were girls of all ages dancing on tables. Truth is I could have sold more tickets to men just to watch through the windows - men think its suspect when women want to get together.

I would like to do the same thing again here in fact. Not sure whether the economic time is right to try it again. Anyway, I do my own pedicures because I get the giggles badly when someone touches my feet - seriously I would be embarassed I would kick the masseur in the face or something.

My daughter tells me she is going to a Girls Night In tonight to raise money for Breast Cancer.

Hope you and your friends have a great relaxing day and dont remember much about it afterwards, he he.

Judi "Jlo" Moran said...

I so want to be at your next Salon Day!
I'm all about pampering, girl.
I just don't get some of my friends...who have never had a massage in their lives!

Adlibby said...

What a blast! I went on a totally lame scrapbooking weekend with 4 of my girlfriends who scrapbook -- I'm scrappy, but not in a book. I just flipped through magazines and chatted. Anyway... we had a masseuse come to the hotel room and we all took turns getting massages... it was hilarious to watch each girl stumble out looking like she just had the best sex of her life! LOL.