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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forecast: Sunny Dispositions with the Possibility of Pants

In my need to both keep moving and keep my friends in a safe, tidy group – something I usually do by tapping into my inner sheep dog and nipping at their heels and whining – I’ll be part of a group going to the Mall of America on Saturday.

The Mall of America. The Megamall. Do you know about this place? Four point two million square feet (390,000 m²) of retail heaven and hell.

Minnesota was the first state with an indoor mall. Did you know that? What can I say but I’m sorry? In our defense, Southdale – the first of the four “dales” – was created primarily as a way to shop at several different and competing stores all under one roof in a climate-controlled environment. That’s the key to the mall – climate control. If you’ve ever been to Minnesota, you know just how important climate control is. If it’s not a hundred degrees above zero, it’s thirty degrees below, and what are we going to do with ourselves if we’re not buying fuzzy socks or little cinnamon rolls? Stay at home and do our dishes?! Not likely!

So, yes. Amy, Kathy, Erin, Lisa, Janice and I are going to Huge Dale on Saturday. A quick pop in to the Spring Street Bar and Grill for a Bloody Mary and some breakfast (one of their Bloodys is a delightful treat – two is a truth serum), we hop the bus to the light rail, and from there it’s smooth sailing on the light rail to the MOA.

The plan is to update our Fall wardrobes. In my case, I’m two weeks shy of having gone to yoga three times a week for a year now; and while I haven’t lost any weight that I know of, my body has definitely changed; and in celebration I’m going to buy myself two pairs of pants, three shirts, a fitted jacket, and a bag of little cinnamon rolls.

Hey, maybe that’s why I haven’t lost any weight…

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it: breakfast at the Spring, the public transport, the possible new pants, all in the company of friends. We started talking about it over a month ago, and now it’s almost here.

My inner sheep dog is already pawing at the door.


mbuna53 said...

Keep an eye out for Wile E. Coyote. You don't want to lose anyone from the herd.

Kavi said...

A whole lot seems to have been planned out ! I can sense a great deal of anticipation !

That, i guess is part of the fun. Looking forward to read about the 'exploits' at the Mall of America !


Lilly's Life said...

When I lived in the UK oh how I missed shopping malls. Love them! I am jealous. It sounds like shopping heaven and to do it with a bunch of friends, what girly fun it will be. I also want to say congratulations on the yoga - truly that is inspiring!!! And of course we want to know what you bought. Have loads of fun!!

ugich konitari said...

I'd heard about this mall, but it will be fun to read your blog after your trip.

(Malls have just started sprouting here in Mumbai over the last few years. Certainly a good option in our monsoon rain season, which is just ending now. But what you would find interesting is the variety of clothes, indian,western, traditional wedding clothes etc that we get here ......)

Just wondering. Bloody Marys for breakfast ? :-)

Pearl said...

By the way, while the MOA is full to its barn-like rafters with clothing, food, gift shops and other various needs and wants, you won't find much in the way of anything traditional as I'm not sure what "traditional" U.S. would be, unless it was something wrapped in a flag... :-)

We do have wide representation from the peoples/areas of the world, however; and so our restaurants just keep getting better. At least in Minnesota, anyway! Indian food (I am a BIG fan), Thai, Brazilian, Japanese... Now if we could just get more Italians, I would be happy. We really need a good red sauce over here!


Pearl said...

Kavi, there will be a full report just as soon as I can nail it down. :-) Perhaps I can talk someone into bringing a digital camera...

Girly fun is exactly what it is, Lilly! And of course, it's not just being there, it's the journey as well. We're an amiable bunch. :-)

Ugich, please bear in mind that breakfast will be at 11:00 and so the Bloody is not quite as decadent as it may first appear.

Not quite. :-)