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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Boy Has His Demands

The Boy, as we refer to my One and Only Son, thinks his rent money doesn’t go far enough. Given that Willie and I are his landlords for the next year or so, I have to agree with him. It doesn’t.

For some reason, he believes, in that grinning way that the well-loved son has, that his meals are included. They are, of course. But does he have to expect them the way he does?

“Mom,” he says the other day, “You forgot to fix my bed.”

Then he laughs and scratches my head, a common gesture in our home of thick-haired (and possibly thick-headed) folk.

It’s hard to keep your hands off your children, impossible for me to pass by him without pulling his hair gently, scratching him behind the ears, or putting a hand on his shoulder. He will lean his back against my hand with an imperious command: “Scratch.” I do, of course. Not only because he’s my boy and I love him, but because I appreciate the gleam in his eye when he says it: a request couched in a demand and wrapped in the knowledge that I would do it anyway, whether he asked for it or not.

I did it to myself.


Barbara Blundell said...

Yes, I often found it hard to keep my hands off my children especially when they were badly behaved and a well timed smack on the bottom worked wonders-although it didn't seem to make them grow up very respectful. These days they would have reported me to Childline as an abusive parent and I would have ended up in prison.

Kavi said...

'Its hard to keep your hands off your children' !!!

my mom would agree ! Whole heartedly! So would i !


Lilly's Life said...

Oh, that is a gorgeous post. Love the title, a boy has his demands. Mm girls are the same but wait until he moves, oh it will be sad even though its something we all have to do. We all do it to ourselves Pearl..

Devika said...

Hi Pearl,
I come here, I find two more added than what I saw, the other day when I just peeped...A good accound I should say!

Hope you remember me..You came over to me, a very cherished surprise!

Just at this -- 'its hard to keep hands off your children,' Childless at forty, and married for about ten years I still feel...because I take classes for the neighbours' children! and they are mine for that one hour or two..

Love reading more of you...
see you more :-)

ugich konitari said...


Something for you at my blogsite ....!!!

June Saville said...

Pearl, there is no justice if some publisher/newspaper owner doesn't snap you up! I was entranced by 'The Boy Has His Demands'. Beautiful language and a wonderful insight into humanity. Loved it.
I found my way here through Ugich Konitari, another great blog.
June from Oz

Chriz said...

haha... that was good.. thanks for coming to my page

Adrian said...

That's me too. I've always been a very hands-on Mother and my middle son has this gorgeous, thick wavy hair that I can never keep my hands off of. He does it too, but he's more sneaky about it. He loves to rough house. He's huge, so some days I've got bruises from his love taps and play fighting. Drives my husband bonkers, but I know it's just his way of showing affection without being "mushy".

PS: You'll notice I'm working my way back through your blog archives. It's a fun blog and a slow Friday at work, so why not!

R. Jacob said...

I will give my daughters a love shoulder punch as I walk by that sometimes leads to a well acted bruce lee fight!