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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday, 8-22-08

Again?! Did we just make it through another week? MAN!

So what was on the iPod today?
Nobody’s Baby – Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Ballad of John and Yoko – The Beatles
Shut ‘Em Down – Public Enemy
Charmer – Kings of Leon
Substitute – The Who
Bodysnatchers – Radiohead
I Will Survive – Cake
What is Hip? – Tower of Power

Hmmm. Well, that was just weird. Public Enemy between The Beatles and Kings of Leon? Shuffle on, O Mysterious iPod!

Someone suggested that I create links between some songs for the people who haven’t heard them. Ah, but which songs? So I just got all random and picked the ones I picked for no real reason.

And in a reference to yesterday’s musings on what those two men were doing on Broadway at 4:00 a.m., my friend Ma found this. Apparently 4:00 a.m. is more sinister than I've been led to believe! Pretty funny stuff.

"Scratch a cynic and reveal an idealist", is that how it goes? Well, it was scratch something and find something else, I know that much. Anyway, you have to watch this video. The singer, Palbasha Siddique, lives in my neighborhood – not that I’ve met her! – I’m just trying to ride her geographic coat tails. Say what you will, but I had a lump in my throat within the first 30 seconds of this video; and by the end of it had tears in my eyes and needed a tissue. I’m not a simpleton, and I’m not na├»ve enough to believe that everyone, everywhere, can be friends, but for cryin’ out loud, could we give civility a shot sometime? Would you dance with me?


The Farmers Market ran along Nicollet yesterday, farmers, farmers everywhere, blocks of tables set up with produce direct from the earth, blocks of tables set up with produce direct from Cub. (If it’s a pineapple, I can assure you no one in Minnesota grew it.) There’s produce, flowers, cheeses, sausages, living plants and herbs, and nuts. And speaking of nuts, that guy on the recorder (remember the flutophone of your youth?) was out working the streets for change. I had to bring Ma with me to the market, both for her skills in picking out herbs and because she understands my aversion to his trilling, flowery, and overblown renditions of Mary Had A Little and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The recorder really carries on a still, summer day. You can hear him for blocks. Ma doesn’t let me get too close to him, lest I offer him good money to please please stop playing.

Minneapolis has certainly changed over the years; and in many ways, for the better. There are women in saris, men in suits, people of all colors and languages; and the food they’ve brought with them? Fabulous. Long live the long bean! Long live the bitter melon and the Thai peppers!

There will be tomatoes and basil for dinner tonight along with creamed peas and new potatoes. With fresh produce, I’m thinking we can burn some cheap wienies on the grill and still come out ahead.

Happy Friday, everyone.

1 comment:

Atlsat said...

Wonderful post Pearl. I was looking over some of my past photos, sometimes (and hopefully all the time) we learn from the past or can expand on the lesson or experience. I noticed you had left me a nice comment on a group of 5 photos, thank you! And I apologize for the very late (if I did thank you for the nice words, you get thanks twice) thank you.

You are a great writer, write whats on your mind, that's refreshing. I hope dinner was great, sounded yummy! We have a farmers market here in Marietta, Georgia (suburb of Atlanta) on Saturday morning at the square. I have not come across the fluteaphone player yet but will keep an eye out. We have a pretty wide selection of goods, most are home grown. From honey, peaches, pecans and mellons. As well as some of the local artist display their works.

Have a great weekend! Ted